This may depict an inner state that is unbalanced in some way, a vortex of feelings or psychic energies that can draw you into difficulties in relating to everyday life. It can also be a force drawing you into your core self and new perceptions.

Example: They have always been a large part of my life…I have had some strange dreams that I have no idea where they came from…since I could remember I had a reoccurring dream every night…used to dream I was falling into a sand whirlpool, face down.  Being in Arizona I never experienced that.  I would wake up at the point where I felt afraid.  One night I decided to try to stop the dream and went through the whirlpool and ended up in a different country and time.  I’m sure you have heard many of things but that one was very strange. Magda.

Magda learned one of the great secrets of our dream life – nothing can hurt you in your dreams so don’t fight or struggle against what the dream is trying to show you. When she stopped struglling she was taken to a completely new experience – drawing you into your core self and new perceptions.

Example: I looked around for a stone to throw into the water for my dog Tramp to swim after but could only find a tiny piece of bark. I threw it in, wondering whether Tramp would follow it. He leapt in. When the bark hit the water, it looked as if the water had been hit by a bomb. The impact area then turned into a whirlpool, Tramp was dragged beneath the surface by the current. The path I was on had become a narrow wall and I stood on it wondering whether to dive in to rescue Tramp, but I couldn’t even see him. Eventually I noticed him about a foot beneath the water trying to swim to the side. I reached in and was just able to catch hold of his hair and drag him out. I put him on my shoulder and carried him along the wall to the churchyard where land was above water.

The dream is about my early attempts to breakthrough to what has been called the psychic world – ones inner or unconscious life. My dog is my instinctive reactiions that are new to me and so are swept away by powerful emotional responses. But as I am learning I recognise that those reactions are jst under the surface and manage to bring them to my awareness.

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