Pen and Pencil

Desire to communicate; occasionally male genitals because of shape.

Taking pen to paper: It suggests an urge to express your creativity or to communicate an idea for you to remember. It also could be a motivation to communicate something important to others or someone.

Example: I brought my daughter into an attic and it was filled with the most brilliant coloured art supplies, paints, pencils, paper etc. and I said to her, this is all for you.  Then I woke up and couldn’t wait to start clearing out all the clutter. I’ve been working all day!! TK

Example: The famous visionary artist William Blake’s waking life and dreaming life were closely intermingled. How highly he valued dreams is suggested by the titles of some of his works, such as Queen Katherine’s Dream and Oh, How 1 Dreamt of Things Impossible. His most specific acknowledgement of the inspiration he received from his dreams is found in a pencil portrait showing the facial details of The Man Who Taught Blake Painting in His Dreams.


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