This means you have integrated and come to terms with every aspect of who you are. You have met within you the murderer, the saint, the swindler and the honest trader, the sexual pervert and the straight married person, the homosexual and the heterosexual, the darker and the light filled should find a balance in each individual.

This balance is like a razors edge in which any one-sidedness would lead to unbalance within the individual. But at the same time, it is not about being perfect as a saint, but a balanced and whole human being with very wide choices, with the light and darkness, pleasure and pain; also, the known and unknown are all a part of you. See The Mountain Path

I read the book, The Razors Edge, written by Somerset Maugham years ago, and I tend to see the meaning as the path we take toward our Self Realisation is like a razor’s edge. Walking it we balance between the opposites facing us.

If we can accept that we are always a dual person, then the wise thing to do would be to find a balance between our two sides. This would mean not repressing or hiding from the positive or the negative. The way of the razors edge can depict any behaviour or attitudes that are not one-sidedness, the opposite would lead to imbalance within the individual.

Many extremely creative people like Sylvia Plath and Alan Turing walk this path, but if it is not understood, because their lives are often lived in a way to include too much of what is dark or forbidden, so they face mental breakdown, suicide or social stigma. But the hero of the book The Razor’s Edge found the way through.

See The Time of the Quickening


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