False ideas; unnatural attitude or attempts to deal with what you feel about how others see you. See: Hair.

Example: In my dream I felt like a character from a film, changing my image to become a new character. I felt very sexy and attractive, but knew I was in disguise. My husband’s relatives tried to get in but I slammed the door. I felt embarrassed and frightened they might see the clothes and wig. A comfortable presence was behind me. I’m single, early twenties.  – Michelle.

A fascinating dream weaving together thoughts about future marriage, how you feel others might see you, and an emerging and attractive side to your personality.

Anything new feels strange. Established character traits are more like habits than essential aspects of you. Underneath the make-up we are all shapeshifters. But you feel the new things you are trying out might be seen as outrageous or false. But looking at the vast range of character traits in people throughout the world, which ones are RIGHT or TRUE? Of course you might be seen as outrageous by some people. So will you risk developing the sexy and attractive facet of yourself? Or will you let your inner wisdom – the shadowy character – guide you? From such experimentation and from she/he your wholeness comes. See Shapeshifter

Example: “I was wearing a wig much too large for me and, therefore, unbecoming.”

The dream illustrates a disturbing mental attitude the dreamer had because she had been magnifying in her mind something insignificant. Therefore, the dream was saying: You are thinking too much about that disturbance and your thinking is false (too large a wig). It’s also unbecoming to your better self.

Different coloured wigs suggest different thing, not always false ideas. Certainly a whole range of feelings or wanting to been seen as interesting or better than one is naturally. See colours under Hair.

If the wig has been artificially coloured, it may suggest a deeper deception about what you are projecting of yourself.

If you wear a wig: Feelings about being bald, or about your appearance and how you present yourself. See: https://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/hair/.


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