Changeability, the ever shifting mental processes, unseen and often enormously powerful influences in your life. Ideas or other influences that move you or pressurise you. See: Air.

Powerful influences such as public opinion, thoughts and conflicts, and occasionally perhaps emotions and urges, that influence you, or against which you may at times feel powerless. They could even become obsessive.

Wind can also represent the movement of consciousness or mind; the hidden influences in your life such as ideas and conceptions that move or influence you. The different types of wind indicated the different states of mind and feelings.

Example: I am outside the sanctum, the room I use as my spiritual place. I know that I am going in to meet, or give myself in surrender to Life. So, as I pause before entering I let the sweet feeling of this surrender fill me. It feels like an opening to a wider life of experience. Suddenly the door opens and an intense wind enveloped me. It gripped me as with an invisible power and pulled me into the room. It felt to me as if the power I was surrendering to – Life – wanted me as badly as I wanted to be filled, and had reached out and pulled me into itself. As this happened I cried out in surprise and with some shock, waking myself as I felt gripped by this great power.

The dreamer explored his dream and wrote, “Waiting outside the door – what a wonderful symbol that is. What a beautiful image. It represents all that we have as humanity placed behind the door. All of the gods, all of our images, all of the dreams, all of our fears, the devil, the angels. All that we place unknown behind the door. And they were only available to us if we walk through the door. The wind was the enormous power of all that I had suppressed in myself behind the door. I had now released it and it had grabbed me.”

In some dreams the wind is the spirit of life that moves you and in its hidden ways takes you through or introduces you to life experiences.

Buffeted by the wind: Feeling knocked about by your feelings or worries, and perhaps made indecisive or uncertain. There might be difficulties in progressing.

Flying with the wind: Uplift of more energy into the mind to become a wider view or an integration of experience. Feeling great freedom and the ability to move with the things life brings you. See Are you a prisoner or a traveller of wider possibilities

Strong wind: Powerful urges; being moved by ideas and beliefs that have a strong influence on you, such as occurs when we change from childhood to adolescence or to middle age. Most people now realise that huge natural events in dreams are caused by massive changes within us.

These changes are part of the natural order, and often show themselves to people in their dreams. So they can be understood as an expression of our personal adaptation to enormous changes. They tend to alter most of the beliefs, social structures we have built or held onto as important. Yet if we are not afraid of change and the forces that we are actually involved in, then we can find enormous power and force within us. See: TornadoTsunami

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