In the form or barbed wire and fencing it can depict a barrier – something in the way of what you want to do or where you want to go. Such wire can also be a protection or an area of privacy. As such it would depict your desires about that or your methods of maintaining or finding privacy or protection. See: Fence.

A fuse wire indicates the vulnerable parts of you that could fail under stress – or else the way you automatically cut off from a situation if it is problematical.

Wires have many other possible associations though, depending on the content of the dream. They can indicate connections you have with other people and what passes between you; the way you are wired inside. In other words the way your emotions might have been connected to certain ‘switches’ when you were young, so particular events or relationship situations connect with great pain or pleasure. Wires often relate to energy and how you handle or relate to it, or the trigger for an explosive device – suggesting a potent area of explosive emotions in you. In this vein we have the term ‘hard wired’ suggesting some responses are innate in you.

Wires can act as a support – the methods you use to ‘fix’ things in mind or to support things you are doing. Or even an art form –

Idioms: Got your wires crossed; wired for sound; pull your wire; wired; under the wire.

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