Seven 7 Levels of Us

  1. At the base level it is movement. As our being develops from conception a first sign of life might be movement within the womb and the heartbeat. Basically Life is recognised by its ability to move, not just physically from place to place, but also the spontaneous movements the life process makes such as heartbeat, breathing, and internal organs.
  2. But Life has many possibilities, so it can then express as sexual drive and the urge to procreate, which can be about producing children or can branch off into being creative socially or in the arts. It is often not realised that the beginning of all life forms was the single cell, but such cell did not become old and die but it was immortal, for it kept dividing by splitting in half and so lived on. In dividing it constantly creates copies of itself, but as it gathers new experience, it changes what is copied, so becomes the ‘seed’ for multi-cellular organism, for you.
  3. There is also the urge to feed or eat, which at the fundamental level can be about eating food, but our hunger can also be to take in new information, a variety of experiences, seeking out to digest and form something new from the experience.
  4. Our inner life gathers incredible amounts to ‘feed’ upon. A major source of nutrition is our life experience, what we see, hear, feel and generally experience. The process of Life itself is hungry – obviously for physical food – Life eats, it eats because of its hunger, it eats of itself. It tears, it licks, it sucks the breast, it delicately sips nectar, it sifts food from the ocean, but it is always hungry for experience and learning. It can be through feeling like an angel or a prostitute – Life does not judge.There can be the tremendous motivation to receive and give out, as in breathing. But again it can be the receiving of different emotions and love, and the giving it out from yourself to others.
  5. Communication is a necessary part of living beings. According to David Attenborough, “plants can see…count and communicate with one another…react to touch and estimate time.” These claims are supported by the facts that plants turn towards the light, and even prepare themselves for sunrise by facing east in anticipation; trigger hairs on plants react to touch; there is even a social element in plant behaviour in that they fight enemies for territory and compete for mates in order to ensure the survival of the species. The desire to communicate includes speech, or in a basic way of primal sounds, crying, screaming, the roar in battle or in mating cries. But also in song, poetry or story telling.
  6. Homeostasis, the power that attempts to keep our body and mind functioning at their optimum is extremely important. If we lack the ability to work in harmony with it we will never be able to be fully at ease or realise one’s amazing abilities and potential. So please see The Secret Power
  7. We have a whole armoury of abilities which few have used.  A huge function which is often little developed is the ability to scan information and arrive at a creative overview. At times this is expressed as intuition which leaps beyond what is known and clasps the very new. Within our potential there is transcendence, where our experience goes beyond self and knows itself as part of the cosmic – cosmic consciousness, illumination or enlightenment. See Intuition – Using It

Another View of the Levels

The First Segment in its sleeping or dormant state is at the base of the spine or trunk and it is pictured as a sleeping snake or dragon with seven heads. This part of or segment of the body is where the legs connect, and so can be thought of as the seat of energy or movement. It is best to think of it as Potential Energy, that’s why it has seven heads, because its potential becomes the many aspects or functions of our being.

The Second Segment is the pelvis which houses the sexual, reproductive and excretory organs. The yoga named for these segments is chakras and are often described as sense organs for the subtle aspect of our nature such as thoughts and emotions. This becomes understandable when we realise that if we had been castrated or had a hysterectomy prior to adolescence, we would never develop sexually. Without that development we would not understand two people kissing; or what a mother was feeling when she held her baby. Out of sex drive develops a whole world of feelings and tenderness which enables us to understand many things we see in the world. The same is true of the other areas of our body. So this area deals with our feelings rather than our emotions, and the drives or urges that lead us to socialise. It is our basic power of creativity which can be expressed as physical sex, or lifted up into other forms of creation.

The Third Segment is the solar plexus which is the digestive realm. It deals with what we take into us physically emotionally and mentally. But it also deals with how we deal with what we have taken in to us. For example we may not digest much of our personal experience and so become lost in our inner world and so suffer depression or illness. See digestion and Life’s Little Secrets

The Fourth Segment is the chest area. Its function is to take in and give out, as in breathing.  In work that I have done, this is very much the emotional centre. Any blocks here when you lack emotional responsiveness or deny them can cause chest pain, feelings of loneliness or not being able to connect with others. Its is the heart centre.

All that potential, when in the chest, if it is lifted up we give it form. In the chest it takes in the world, just as we take in the air through our lungs. It draws from our relationship with the world and with other people. It takes what one is receiving and begins to form it into a new moving expression. In the chest questions arise as to what shape and we wish to give it? What we want to do with it? Where do we want to take that life? What do we want to do with life? We may express it as feelings for somebody else through love or care. We may give it as support to another being. We may give it as admiration that is perhaps a stimulus to another being.

 The Fifth Segment is the throat. It deals with speech and communication. Also the expression of passionate feelings as in singing. We can express ourselves easily if this segment is unblocked – that does not apply to people who constantly talk. Often our expression may come from below rather from the head. At such time we may feel we are being inspired to express deep things spontaneously. See Using the Voice

 The Sixth Segment is the brow, and it is, when awoken, the site of great intuition and insight into life and people. See Using Your Intuition

 The Seventh Segment is the top of the skull. This is Golgotha, the place of the skull and in Christian beliefs was the place where Jesus was crucified. But the Bible stories can also be seen as mythology with a symbolic interpretation. In that view when our energy has worked its way up through the body to the top of the head, we go through a transformation in which we are no longer lost in ones personality with its fear of death and its self centred interests. We face death and see through it into a vision of beauty. We experience enlightenment.

Ancient cultures taught that the highest human state is when every level was awakened See The Experience of Enlightenment

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