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Everything in the universe works. Everything exists because of a relationship with other things, with the whole. Our interdependence is complete. Without the universe we do not exist. One of the greatest truths of the universe and of human society is symbiosis, cooperation, collaboration. I know there are arguments against that – the red in tooth and claw, survival of the fittest stuff – but the great predators are in a symbiotic relationship in that they kill out the weak and so strengthen the species.

Even in Genesis when understood tells us that,  “Despite many peoples idea that paradise is a place where one does not have to work, and that work is for the fools, the Hebrew word translated ‘dress’ means to work or labour. It suggests here that to take part in creation in harmony with the divine forces – to work at this – is a divine impulse in humanity.” Quoted from The Secret Bible

This suggests that if a person does not feel an inner urge toward certain work(s) they may well be unhealthy and missing the direct connection with Life itself. See Opening to Life

Our dreams and visions remind us of these things again and again. You have an experience of personal existence because your body works. Its organs and functions continue working tirelessly day and night. As a living creature it is innate in you to be a functioning part of the whole, of the environment around you, of the cosmos that gives you life. If you are not in some way expressing this there is a lack of ease somewhere. For every living thing is active in getting its needs to stay alive. Life is not a ‘dog eat dog’ life – see the example.

Example: Some years ago a species of wild duck in England were in danger of extinction. So the group caring for them decided to kill all of the predators who attacked the ducks – a particular kind of hawk.But as soon as this was done the ducks began to die in enormous numbers. The hawks were quickly reintroduced because it was found the ducks were dying from an infectious disease, and the hawks had been killing the sick birds thereby prolonging the ducks possible survival.

As human beings many of us are out of touch with what relates us to our environment and to the universe. Millions of us are sick enough to require antidepressants, continuous supplies of alcohol or mind numbing drugs in order to function. We live in family, social, political and economic situations that are part and parcel of our sickness. Recently I listened to a humanistic minister talking about the way she works with people. She said that in ministering she can find no need to have God in her life or in her work. That is understandable if we are talking about a concept, or the idea of some sort of father figure behind the way the universe works. But if it means that one lives without a sense of connection with the whole, without any awareness of how one’s own life is a part of a continuum, of the incredible mystery of existence, then it seems to me as if this is part of the sickness.

At work: Concerns or issues connected with one’s work or lack of it; often dreams are very encouraging not critical.

Working: Actively trying to change a situation in ones life – one might be working at ones marriage or learning something, depending on dream surroundings. Inner or outer activity that can produce changes or results.

‘I am working in a hospital in outpatients. Nobody is there. My two children appear. I know I have to find them somewhere to sleep. I lay them on seats and tell the only nurse I can find that I am going to find them a bed. I know where the children’s ward is, but I can’t find it. When I eventually find it all the side rooms are filled. I know I have been a long time so I start to panic, worried my children are missing me, and worried night sister will have found them. I pass a military action. As I continue the soldiers come out and I get caught in the crossfire and am shot in the leg. I am now terrified. I have to get back to the children. Night sister must have found them by now and if not, what will they be doing. When I got back, they are there with night sister.’ Laramie F.

Laramie works as a nurse, was divorced just prior to the dream, and was obviously concerned how her work affected her children. This internal conflict the cross fire – injures her confidence – the shot leg – her feelings that she cannot manage. But despite her worries what she cares about – her children – are fine and cared for. See Lorettes Video

Idioms: Have one’s work cut out; set to work; worked up; work like a horse; work off; work out; dirty work; donkey work; spanner in the works.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What have I been working hard at recently?

Am I uncertain that the things I am working toward will fail?

Have my dreams shown me the way ahead?


-Christoffer 2017-09-09 8:31:28

Hi Tony,
I was trying to find what quitting a job means, but couldn’t find any specific.
Hope you could help me with clarifying that, thanks!

    -Tony Crisp 2017-09-10 12:41:20

    Hi – It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – or


    Christoffer – It could indicate your ordinary job or your Life job, which is quite different.

    Leaving your ordinary job depends on a lot of factors that you haven’t given any feedback on – like did you choose to quit your job or not? Do you feel stress about leaving your job? Does it mean a big change in your life situation? Do you have a backup like a working wife?

    Without knowing those factors, how can I really comment?

    Your Life job is a different matter. Have you found the work that was given you from within? If so then you do not need to worry about money. Was the job that you quit an ordinary work? If so it could mean you have had, or will get, direct indications of what work Life is asking you to do.

    Here is an example of Life Process indicating the work you are asked to do.

    Example: I must have been about four, pedalling my child’s car up the walk my family had a shop in. I got to the top of the walk and saw a man cleaning the drain. In those days he had a metal ladle and a prodding rod. I felt an enormous feeling of wonder at what he might find there, money, fountain pens – anything. I knew then that was what I wanted to work at when I was older. Later I realised that it was what led me to work at cleaning the blocked drains inside of people – I was fascinated by seeing and learning what came out of them.

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