Lowliness, decay, earthiness. Feeling insignificant or ineffective; something you treat as insignificant, the penis.

Example: I had a dream that I lived in a beautiful Victorian home. While I went to sit down and relax I seen a guy looking through the window at me. I ran to the door and my son appeared and ran out to catch him. That left me in the house alone and worm-like aliens were coming in to get me through the fireplace gas-line. I had to stab them and burn them. Little window cracks or small places they squeezed through. I killed them all and was relieved and proud, but sad that it made a mess of the beautiful house and the furnishings. I normally don’t remember my dreams. This one was so vivid and the feelings I have felt have stayed with me since. Would love to know what you think.

Your “WORM like aliens” might express the way Jung also saw anxieties or fears as “a life-guiding gift from the unconscious”; because of the helpful function worms have. These worm burrows create pores through which oxygen and water can enter and carbon dioxide can leave the soil. Earthworm casts (their faeces) are also very important in soils and are responsible for some of the fine crumb structure of soils, suggesting a healing process could happen in you let the things you find alien enter you as your great anxieties, so see if you can face you anxieties. See Life’s Little Secrets

Dreamt they were relaxing their neck and getting vomiting, nausea movements. One man, fairly gaunt looking, vomited up some intestinal worms. I explained that these came from the throat. If a knot (granthi – I used some such word) i.e. a tension existed in the throat, an area of body existed in which these worms could develop. The worms, the area of putrefaction, would be cleansed if the knot was cleared.

The dream explains how a traumatic feeling or painful influence can cause illness because it knots up or blocks the normal flow of energetic functions that the body expresses to remain in good health. See Lice Fleas Bugs Worms – Relax Into the Big You

I dreamt I walked out into the woods and I stood among the trees and looked upon the beauty of the scene. A carpet of yellow flowers arose among the tree roots. I know not the name of them, only their yellow cups and greenness. And in the midst of the scene a large enameled oven thrown away as junk, shining in the sun, exciting in its endless forms as my child mind saw it as a cave, a tank, and an airplane. An old rusty bike, bed-springs, a broken pushchair, grew there too. Plastic bags were being cherished by the earth and leaves, whether drawn in by the earth’s passion for them, or whether they themselves sought this deeper communion with the soil, I know not. But the ants and worms found wonders in them – scraps of food, intricate corners with spiders there.

Here the wonder seeing that everything has its place the natural world, but perhaps to takes the child perspective of things that allows is this wider view.

But as humans we are capable pr feeling and being many different things.

‘I am a worm. I’m a worm because I left one woman for another, and now a part of me is not even with her – so I’m a worm.’ Another thing that haunts me is an urge, ‘I’ve got to win, got to GET THERE, get somewhere, achieve something, compete, COMPETE.

These things not only haunt people but are influences that lead to great depression or even suicide, but they are largely social attitude or programs that we have taken into us so in a way we have been programmed and are acting on the programming. See You Could be a Human or Wolf – Self HelpNothing is Permanent Except Change

Worms: Ill health; health worries. Intestinal worms can either be a creature that gives you immunity against things like asthma, or a health risk, using up your precious energy resources.

Idioms: Even a worm will turn. See: Maggots.


-Zohreh 2018-04-12 6:38:30

I really want to understand this dream! I have a feeling it has a message for me! I would really appreciate it if you can help me!

I was home with a friend,I suddenly looked at my cactuses and realized the left one looks weird. (I have changed their soil couple of days ago in real life)
So I saw the cactuses roots were growing on the side now instead of going into the soil and they were outside the pot going towards the pomegranates sitting there next to it! (The cactus had also a eye and was looking at me) When i saw the roots almost covering the pomegranate I got scared! So i took the pot with the cactus and tried to take it out of the soil so i put it back in a right direction. When cactus was in my hand out of the soil it jumped from my hand landed on the floor on the roots and started running with loosing the roots as legs! (Running towards the dinner table)
Suddenly something happens the whole thing turns into a bubble filled with a light blue/gray mist! I get supper scared and step behind! I see things are moving and changing in the bubble but its not clear! My friend goes close like she wants to show me how to do it! She talks to the bubble like a lover, she hugs it and kisses it! I see bubble starting to change and suddenly i see it turns in to the cactus again! Im scared of it but i take it in my hand! I keep it in my hand while the roots are moving like legs and trying to free itself . But because i keep it suddenly the roots stop and
its like a small explosion where something like dust or ash comes free and piles on the table, the cactus becomes free! I see it suddenly in my hand looking normal! Looking friendly! Ale tells mewe have to change the pot with dry soil, it had too much water before that’s why this happened! So we start putting dry soil in the pot but its not enough i need little bit more! I look at the pile of the dust or ash that was generated and i think this looks very dry! So i take little bit and i put in the pot suddenly i see it has worms in it than in my mind im thinking shit this wasn’t a good idea this is what was hurting the cactus so i try very fast to take the ash from the pot and put it back on the pile! I try to take out the worms from the pot amd put them back on the pile. When the pot is cleared from the worms i look at the pile i see a lot of worms coming out of it! They are bigger very long suddenly I realize they are on me turning on my body going from my legs up! They are sticking on me! I take them out one by one cut them in half and put them back on the pile! It take me some time to catch all of them!
When finished a eagle was there! But it was like he was there the whole time, My friend wasn’t there anymore (I think)
The eagle told me things but i dont remember I think he was explaining me why this was happening (worms attaching on me)
He said than something like that i have to go to the tops of mountains, or something with mountains that was important for me and that the humans are one with the mountains they are the backyard of the mountains!
Than he left said he go to get ready! Before we go! I said oh yeah i have to get ready too! It was like we were getting ready for a fight! And like he was going to take me to the mountains!

    -Tony Crisp 2018-04-12 11:10:51

    Hi – It is important that you read https://dreamhawk.com/forums/index.php?topic=529.msg1472#msg1472
    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practicing what is described in – http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson or http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/getting-at-your-dreams-meaning/


    Zohreh – The only sense I can make of your dream is that it depicts two points of view. There is the very personal and close up view, full of emotional reactions as you witness something going on within you – the realisation that things can transform and express qualities that scare you.

    The other point if view that existed all the time but only became obvious at the end – the eagle – is a higher more inclusive view. The eagle has an extraordinary far reaching and inclusive vision; it can link with the ability of your own mind to at times expand far beyond the immediate sense impressions and concerns, to include years of life experience, and what you have learned when looked at as a whole. It can therefore represent real vision.

    The eagle aspect of you asks you to go to the top of the mountains, a situation you can see clearly for yourself, for you have a view from your personality which is locked in assumptions, concepts, values’ and prejudices that are at the base of how we believe life to be, and that we consider to be reality. However, if we examine this ‘reality’ we see it is made up of a set of theories and beliefs that have become cultural and generally accepted. You have to get ready for a fight! Because the climb to the mountains will challenge you!

    “I moved on from there to what felt like a huge ocean of awareness without understandable landmarks. I spoke into that ocean asking if there was somebody who knew this area, this territory, better than I did. I did not gain any response. But gradually I came to understand where I was. I had moved beyond the sensory awareness of my body and was existing in fundamental consciousness. I often have a sense of humour in these situations, and this time I muttered something to myself about, “Consciousness. So, I’m swimming in consciousness. Well, fuck! Yeah, that is fundamentally what we are. We always arrive back to that if we dig deep enough. If we go back far enough we are – consciousness.” See

    “I asked that I might understand clearly what is required of someone taking this inner path, what they will face and what it is about. What shall I say to them? What shall I say to myself?

    My experience here was a powerful sense of losing myself. I suppose you could call this loss, the melting away of all that one is. It was a feeling of losing, of letting go of control, of surrendering myself. As this happened to me I had a complete feeling of trust and was able to let myself fall into that nothingness, a nothingness in comparison with my sense of existence anyway. And that is what I learned about the entrance to the path. It is a readiness to drop into that nothingness that is the core of life, and as you drop into it the thoughts, the feeling that you have are, “I love you!” You go to that meeting, that union, that losing of oneself with the feeling of love. And that is marriage. That is the spiritual marriage.” https://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/the-way-within/

-zubair 2016-10-12 21:24:06

I had a dream about pressing spots on my chin. worms started to come out… and there are three kind of worms which are coming out. but i am not feeling any pain please help me regarding this.

    -Selma Moongo 2018-02-18 14:36:08

    last night , i had a dream, my boyfriend came aand pick me up, but the House iwas , is full all Worms, everywhere and the house is fulll of People araund man, woman and chidren too.
    , i was so afraid, my boyfriend crimb the tree for the House and came out and me , iwas inside the House. he told me to came out , but i was so afraid, because everywhere was Worms moving, i start to Vomit alot. and my boyfriend wait for m e outside other side. later one Woman came and show me , how to came out, pass all th e gate until , icame out. i was outside wait my boyfriend to came to me, than the dream just finish when iam outside that House. idont know what the meaning fo that dream. will you tell m e , pls.

    Thank you very much for your co-operation.

-Kat 2015-08-23 21:23:57

Several weeks ago, I dreamt of a rat/ rodent. All I remember was that I saw the face of it( the color of the rat could’ve been black or gray) , screamed, and grabbed a broom to kill it. Something within me has been questioning me to seek more waning but I have been putting it off…..
Today, I dreamt small pink( to be exact, the color was rose-pink) worms that I picked from my forehead. When the worms came out, they were woven together ( as steel would be ).

-silvija 2014-09-26 6:30:19

Hello, I dream very often worms coming from my body. Last night I had a dream about pressing spots on my face. And from my chin worms started to come out… your dreambook helps a lot but this time i don’t understand. any suggestions about the meaning? (:

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