It probably refers to your ability to create or mend various areas of your life or projects. But as the example show it can also be a place of wonder or discovery. I can be a way of discovering past talents, memories or even new ideas.

Example: There’s no wood. I gather up the nighties to take in before anyone steals them. A girl with me has tried to steal the sexiest, most feminine one. I ask for it and she returns it. Then I say, “The wood is probably in my workshop.” I walk around the right of the house to the back. There is a steep set of stairs to the basement, a large old house, like a mansion. I have recently inherited it from my grandmother Agnes. As I step on the stairs to go down, I am suddenly afraid of falling. I hang on tightly to the rails and look carefully at where I put my feet. I see a set of Britannica Encyclopedias on a shelf to the left. I then go down the stairs. I see 4 or 5 grand pianos and organs like in a music store. I turn right and go into the workshop. There are many drawers full of forgotten riches and junk. I think, “I must go through all of this stuff. Some of it will be useful and enjoyable.” I start opening drawers, and I find dishes, silverware, repetitions of items and paintbrushes. I find one that is the correct size of wood handle for the repair man and he goes away. Now Ginny and I are looking around. I find my old piano lesson books, color coded. I put them into a correct order. Then I find a record of my lessons on the piano.

Example: I had started a job working in a place like a garage or workshop. I felt like an apprentice, or at least on trial to see how I worked. The work place was split into two workshops in the High Street, opposite where I was born. I was working on a pair of loudspeakers. They looked quite worn. I was examining a small oblong block in them. It seemed to have a cog system in it, and I discovered a small brass spindle had been out. When I pushed it back into place I could see the cog system functioning and felt sure the loudspeaker would now work.

Running or being in a workshop – lessons: It depends very much what the workshop was about. Was it about art, music, drama – whatever it was about look it up in the dictionary.

But overall it is about either being a teacher or learning something.

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