Sometimes depicts the ‘world’ or viewpoints you have created out of your attitudes and responses to events and people. Your personal interactions with people and events.

The sphere of your experience; the world you live in – meaning the social, economic, personal and relationship situations you are immersed in. Also the personal interaction you have with the ‘world’.

We all exist in several worlds; the one most people are aware of is the world we are shown through our physical senses. Most people are so used to being shown that world we take it to be reality. But it is just one type of reality. Another world some people are more in tune with is the thinking mind, the solver of puzzles; another is the world of the creator in which they explore there physical input, their imagination and also often go beyond that into the world even of the future in which they can gain glimpses of a statement from a science documentary – I WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE UNIVERSE. I WANT TO TELL YOU HOW THE FUTURE CREATES THE PAST WHICH THEN CREATES THE FUTURE. The documentary – –

 The future: From the world of our physical senses the future exist only in imagination. Many modern physicists, working with the information arising in experiments with quantum theory, tell us that our view of the world is based upon our blindness, and is very limited, and through its limitation, unreal. Yet this view we take to be the REAL universe. For instance we are only able to see a tiny fraction of the visible spectrum of light and as small amount of audible sound, so we are almost blind and deaf to the world around us.

The Picture is from the film Next Gen

To quote Gary Zukav from his book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, ‘Quantum mechanics is the theory. It has explained everything from subatomic particles to transistors to stellar energy. It has never failed. It has no competition.’ The implications of the theorem are enormous. Something can be in two places at once. Apparently distant objects, or people, are intricately linked in an immediate way. There is no separate existence as we previously thought. Our view of the world is not one supported by the facts of physics. Time and space are transcended. David Bohm, an eminent physicist, goes as far as to say that all things in our observable universe are inextricable linked. Nothing has separate existence. See Dimensions of Human Experience

End of the world: End of the way you have been experiencing or relating to life; fears or feelings about death; anxieties about external events; big change in ones personal growth. See: End of world dreams and fantasies.

Other worlds or dimensions: New ways of experiencing oneself and life; new paradigm; breakthrough to new realisations. See Archetype of the Paradigm

Idioms: A world of; on top of the world; out of this world; think the world of; best of both worlds; small world.

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