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-Mihaela 2016-02-16 16:43:36

Hi Tony. I’ve read your comments about dreaming a boat o a ship but I don’t think I found the sense of it in my dream. Maybe you could help me. In my dream I decided with my friends from my childhood and an older man, for whom I had love feelings, to take a boat and go and have fun. It was a big boat and the place where we were going was full with other ships also. I remember that we had to take the boat under a covered space before getting out in the water. It was a little dim in there and we couldn’t see where to go. So, I jumped in the water, even though I’m afraid to swim in real life, in order to guide the ship. The water under that covered place was really shallow, so I had to take it to a normal level water. I was holding my hand on the boat and guide it. I took it outside finally and tried to guide it toward places that I thought are deep enough, but i had to turn around and try again. I think i might have been successful in the end, i think. I woke up. What does it mean all this? Me guiding the ship? The ship was huge so it didn’t make sense for me to be able to move it. And the water seemed way to shallow to go there in the first place, but the boat was of that older man for whom I felt love, so I accepted for him to go. And there were my childhood friends with whom I’m not in contact anymore. I guess I used to have lots of fun with them, so maybe I associate fun with that period of my life? Please help me understand all this. Thank you.

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