Year Years

The mention of year or years in a dream is often a reference to the passsge of years in which importatant events  or growth or great change occurred.

The birth year is a marker of a beginning in your life and so may point to to other starting periods. Also our age in years is often very important to people depending on their feelings, negative or positive, about their age.

Example: As most lives are…mine is a long story, but I would like to give you a little background.   At the time that I dreamt this dream I had been in an unfulfilled marriage of 29 years.  I had not anticipate leaving my marriage at the time, though deep within I regretted my marriage and suffered much pain and unhappiness that I had repressed.  It wasn’t really a marriage – neither of us married for the right reasons.

The example shows how important the passage of 29 years was, and how the years were filled with repressed pain and unhappiness.

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