Inner urges and instincts repressed, or caged. Your spontaneous urges trapped by social conventions. It might suggest that you find it safer to see your natural urges and drives caged/repressed because it seems safer.

Ones natural urges and instincts, such as sexuality, parental caring, social grouping. What is happening to the animals shows how one is relating to the natural side of oneself – and how it is responding to ones conscious attitudes and activities. Life processes in us are not inert. They constantly respond to what we do and what we are. See: animals; Brain Levels and Dreams explains the  animals you have within you.

Are you seeing the animal in you as something to be kept caged up or like a curiosity?


-Kayla 2014-10-24 6:42:48

I have a spirit animal that is a cheetah. I had a dream the other night where he took me into a zoo and was trying to get into the the enclosure with the other cheetahs. I don’t really know how to interpret this. Any suggestions?

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