The whole range of inner possibilities. The course or path of the soul through earthly experiences. So, the twelve signs of the zodiac are twelve patterns from which the soul chooses when coming into the earth plane.  They are like races – patterns of temperament, personality, etc.

Every 2160 years a different sign of the zodiac is in the position dominating earth.  It goes backward, and is therefore called a precession. During the heyday of Egypt the sign of Taurus, the Bull, was in the commanding position.  So the people worshiped the bull.  But Taurus ruled only by reflection, as it were.  It was the overt sign.  The sun, actually in Scorpio, was shining across into Taurus.  So Scorpio, the real sign, the spiritual guide of the time, appeared on the foreheads and staffs of the priests of the time.

We are now at the tail-end of the Age of Pisces, the fish (the Church Age) and will enter the Age of Aquarius (the Age of the Water-Bearer, Christ) around the year 2300 AD.  Christ was born as the last Lamb of the Age of Aries (the Ram) and the first Fish of sacrificial Pisces.  The two fish of Pisces show Christianity’s split between spirit and matter.  The Equinox reached the first star of the second fish in 1817, and the rise of secular science in this year fulfills ancient predictions of “antichrist”. Jesus recuited fishermen as disciples to make them fishers of men.  He fed the masses with a miraculous draft of fishes.  His followers were know as “pisciculi”, the “little fishes”.  The sign of the fish has been know the world over to be the sign of Christianity.

It is said that with the Age of Aquarius, after much earth upheavals, the true Water Bearer will rule this planet.  He is the one who will bring Living waters that bring eternal life.  Many believe this Age will bring heaven on earth. This is the time when the prophet says “They shall beat their swords into plowshares”.  Jesus Himself said that there will be wonders in the sun, moon, and stars signalling His return.  We must always look to the many signs so that we will not be taken unawares.


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