Back of or Behind

Back of or behind house or barrier etc.: This suggests a more private situation or feeling. It can also indicate intimacy, being less formal, surreptitious, or trying not to be noticed, therefore out of sight, or trying not to be noticed, therefore out of sight, so could suggest you are either only partly aware or not wanting anyone to know – in other words linking with the unconscious.  In some dreams it means second best, an aspect of ourselves or life that we would not put in the forefront.

When it is something like behind a wall or fence, then it may refer to barriers such as feelings we have which act as social barriers , or get in the way of how we relate to people or situations. This could connect with such things as the class barrier or fears we have.

Behind: Repressed urges, one’s past and memories, or what is ‘behind’ one in the sense of having left it behind, like a relationship. It might therefore refer to something in the past, but may be influencing you again. The position can also depict your inner feelings, something that is inferior, or something we have pushed out of sight.

Being pushed back: Feeling restrained or restricted; feeling others are, or a situation is, holding you back.

Returning or going back: Being influenced by, or re-establishing something from ones past, or meeting similar life situation as met in the past.

Idioms: At the back of; at the back of one’s mind; back room boys; by the back stairs/door; behind one’s back; take a back seat; back to earth; fell back; back row; held back. See: behindfrontleft behind.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I feeling this is a positive or negative place?

Do I identify this as a situation of greater intimacy or inferiority?

What does the rest of the dream comment on the position through context?

Is this something hidden or unknown?

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