-Carolyn 2015-02-13 23:39:52

i had a dream last night that scared the crap out of me. i dreamt that this man was introducing himself to me and when he went to turn away his foot slipped on a stair case and he went flying down them and hit his head. The scary part is that when I went to see if he was ok, I had blood in my hand and my head was the one with the injury.

-Andromeda Cross 2014-11-24 16:41:58

Hi Tony,

I’ve been constantly this dream, mostly in sections, first – I’m leaving ‘a place of employment’ on a Friday completely penniless and thinking that I’ve forgotten to fill in a timesheet. After which, I learn that my phone is broken into pieces. With intensifying anxiety, I try and figure away to get home. Which takes me on an endless journey through crowds of people, and different locations. Finally when I get home – I find that my home is just impossible to believe, I only live on the first floor. There is one other furnished floor where the previous owner left everything, clothes, cameras, radios, toys, jewelry, and money. Then on the upper floors there are department store with washers and dryers, a car dealership with many vehicles and tires. Also, there are kids from the local school and other strangers stealing things from these other floors every moment of the day non-stop…. Any clue what this is all about? I’ve been having parts of this dream every night for weeks.

-roy 2014-11-17 5:05:18

what is the meaning of my dream if i will saw a little itchy worms crawling up in my right arm? And even i wanted to discard those worms but still always be attached.

-James 2014-06-09 23:47:12

Crazy cyclical dream running up endless staircase and fake manakin like people who don’t talk but look very much like humans. I can’t escape the dream no matter what I do. Then I remember being all of a sudden in my apartment, where My roomie was rattling off nonsense about his dog in his sleep. Trying to break the dream up I busted a chair into my door which was wear he was sleeping. Then I remember being In a car with police man driving and all of a sudden in a poof my girlfriends clothes disappear along with everyone else’s, and then the ride stopped and I began running. Dream lasted approx 2 hours.

-Jimmy 2014-06-09 23:41:57

It had all started in my brothers room which is where I had been sleeping at the time during that period in my dream. my house was haunted by the devil, incarnated as a horribly evil woman. I somehow got out of my house and got away from the demon, and I think I may have screamed at it or did something to it that made it disappear. Or so I though. I walked out of my house after seeing an unknown vehicle in our driveway. two men who I didn’t know were doing housework at our house who had driven a black pickup truck. They had shown up out of nowhere and couldn’t give me an answer as to what they were working on outside of our house. I asked them if they had told my mom they would show up. Still, nothing. I called my mom on the phone and her voice on the phone sounded masked, almost like they do when someone doesn’t want their voice heard on TV so it’s altered. This voice was very similar to the voice of the evil woman that I had seen in the dream in my house. I knew the “thing” hadn’t left my house yet at that point. I walked into my garage and there I saw the woman, turned away from me, not looking at me. I think I ran up behind it with a shovel and proceeded to swing at her and hit her, trying to make the demon disappear forever. After fighting with this woman for some time, i began to cry and ran from my garage. As I was running, oprah (must signify a strong woman in my life) was there and opened her arms to hug and shelter me. After that, I woke up. What does it all mean??

-Rather not say 2014-06-04 2:31:48

I had a dream I was going into a basement in a building that didnt have a basement. I reached for door handle and as I was I stopped and went to grab my phone from my pocket (cause of the flashlight feature), but before I could turn on the light something or someone flung open the door (door opened inward if that matters) and grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me fiercely thru this pitch black basement. That part that concerns me most was the duration of being dragged, seemed endless. This dream happened about the same time I moved into a new apt.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-06-06 7:44:39

    RatherNot – The building is you, and you didn’t think you had a basement – a part of you that you know nothing about that underlies your existence and is all the life processes that you have chosen not to be aware of. The something is the intelligence of Life in you. See and

    The something that is grabbing your wrist and pulling you into the darkness is the force mentioned in What we need to remember about us. It is the force of Life which moves you to breathe and your heart beating. But stupidly most people think that is an automatic action like a machine. But you are a conscious being and not a machine, and you didn’t create yourself, nor did your mother, the intelligent forces of Life did. And the Life in you was trying to introduce you to itself. The darkness is because you have not developed the art of understanding the action of Life in you, so it is all unknown/dark to you.

    Here is someone else’s experience of the same thing.

    “We kept that room special and we call it the sanctum. I am standing outside that room, and I pause as I adjust my feelings to let go of my every day life and change my inner condition to an appreciation of what the room represents. So I pause, then I reached out my hand for the doorknob. As I do so the door is pulled open from inside and an enormous force got hold of me and pulled me inside the room. It was an extraordinary feeling in an extraordinary dream. It felt almost as if there were an eager lover waiting for me within the room who, as soon as I touched the doorknob couldn’t wait any longer and took hold of me and pulled me to them”.

    The difference was that the man who dreamt it had long sought contact with the Life/God within him, and so felt it as a lover. I hope you too will meet it as a lover.


-angel 2014-05-30 3:24:59

Hi Tony.
I love my baby nephew too bits and last night I had a dream that he was wet so I put towels around me to keep him warm then put him in the microwave to warm up further..when forgot he was there. By the time I realised he was already unconscious and coldish and blueish. I tried to do mouth to mouth and resusitate him but couldnt bring him back to life. I just thought of sister and how devastated she would be.. such an awful dream. Im still trying to recover from that. What does it mean

-charm 2014-05-17 9:04:23

Good day. My husband is a minister. He dreamt of the church band members. They were all in the ICU in hospital exept myself and him. He was trying to help everybody an myself was keeping my hand on his shoulder. The leader was in having a seisure and the rest were very sick. There were also a church member that passed away 2 years ago and she had 2 black marks on her feet. She said – oh no she thought she was healed.

-Keary woolley 2014-04-11 23:31:30

I had a dream that my little boy was lost and people were looking for him and he couldn’t be found I was told to go home which I did I was in a house I didn’t recognise and it felt like no one was looking for him I kept walking around the house hoping to find him does anyone know what this means

    -Tony Crisp 2014-04-13 13:29:46

    Keary – This is most likely about your anxiety about caring for your boy, or it might also have a link with feelings you have about something that happened to you as a baby.

    Your love and care for your son can trigger your mothering instincts with a vengeance. Being female and a mother holds with it an enormously increased anxiety about your child. They see all manner of things that might be a threat, and I believe that is what such dreams shows. Your imagination for such dangers is enormously increased.
    This is natural in all mammals. When my son Leon was working for a year prior to entering Cambridge University, he met people who owned wolfhounds, and often walked the dogs. I went with him a couple of times. The dogs were kept in a large pen, and owner went to get the keys for the pen. While we were waiting at the door one of the dogs, a bitch, was kept in the house. The bitch came to the door to look at us, then ran back, only to reappear again a few moments later to look at us anxiously. This was repeated a few times. I asked my son if she had pups and he said yes. So as soon as she saw we were strangers she rushed back to her pups to check they were okay. Then, for the short period we were there she continued to come and look at us with obvious tension, and then run back to check her pups.

    It might help if you imagine yourself in your dream – while awake – and hold your son and see if you can change what happens to your boy, hold your son till it is okay and healthy. You might need to do this a number of times to succeed. See


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