Injured Injury

Many dreams of being inured are usually about psychological injury or anxiety. See hurt

Even if one was injured or mutilated as a result of ones active defence in your dream it is a positve sign, but if the dreamer passively accepted injury in a dream this is a negative implication. This was because the active or passive stance within the dreams indicates a similar disposition during waking life. As the active person is generally more successful, the dream sign of an active disposition is seen as fortunate. See Secrets of Power Dreaming; Avoid Being Victims

In our inner world of dreams we are able to meet fire without being burnt, injury without being injured, wounds without pain, poison without reaction, death without fear. But of course this ability only occurs when we begin to understand the nature of dreams and the influence of our emotions and fears, our beliefs and convictons. See Summing Up

Often our dreams involve some injury or life threatening situation, so therefore we feel concerns and the stress felt by some part of our personality. How to deal with such anxiety is important and it can be done – but not without work. See Facing Fear

Injuring self: Self inflicted injury, as when we create a negative situation out of fear that it will happen, such as making ourselves ill by worrying about our health. See Avoid Being Victims

Useful Questions and Hints:
In what way was I or someone injured?
How did I react to it?
Do I feel my body is me, and so any injury is a threat to my survival?
See Summing UpIdentity and DreamsSecrets of Power Dreaming

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