Lucid Dreams

The Way to a New Adventure

Tony Crisp

To dream with awareness that you are dreaming is called Lucid Dreaming. It is one of the most amazing frontiers of human life. It opens possibilities denied by our  phsyical body. You then enter sleep with critical faculties, with active curiosity, and the ability to explore what you find. When you become lucid in sleep you carry the bright torch of personal awareness into the depths of your body and mind. This is a frontier only a few people have crossed.  Like the frontiers of sea and sky that past generations overcame, the frontier of awareness holds enormous treasures and benefits.  However, unlike the frontiers presented by the exploration of the oceans and space, the crossing of this frontier is open to us all.

This swing between waking and sleeping can be seen as the extremes within the possibilities of our experience. Sleeping and waking are the polarities, the North and South Poles of what we can confront. In quite a real sense we can say there is nothing beyond what is included in those polarities. But usually we call sleep a period of unconsciousness, but in lucid experience we can explore to the very beginning of our being – what I call The Core. And that gives freedom of an extraordinary kind.


1 –  Some Truths about Lucid Dreaming

2 – Lucidity Means Awareness

3 – Techniques to Lucid Dreaming

4 – Lucidity – Awake in Sleep

5 – The New Frontier of Lucidity

6 – The Waking Lucid Dream

7 – Going Deeper



-michael hall-mcguire 2011-10-08 13:49:21

I am a 15 year old teenager you seem like a very intteligent man so i would like to tell you about my one and only lucid dream when i was 8 years old i was hovering in a grassy field then all of the sudden i said hay this is a dream it is friday morning and i have to get up soon for school. Then i hovered around somemore and just lost lucidity my lucid dream lasted 15 seconds i wish i could have another since i have more life experiance and i would be able to do more things thank you for your time!

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