Sacred Marriage

“Here we come to that aspect of initiation which acquaints man with woman and woman with man in such a way as to correct some sort of original male-female opposition. Man’s knowledge (Logos) then encounters women’s relatedness (Eros) and their union is represented as that symbolic ritual of a sacred marriage which has been at the heart of initiation since its origins in the mystery-religions of antiquity. But this is exceedingly difficult for modern people to grasp, and it frequently takes a special crisis in their lives to make them understand it.” Quoted from Jung’s  Man and His Symbols

But the sacred marriage cannot take place between a physical woman and man, for it is only when a man or a woman become a whole person in themselves. See Archetype of the Animus and Archetype of the Anima

“When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner as the outer, and the upper as the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male shall not be male, and the female shall not be female: . . . then you will enter [the kingdom].” Quoted from ‘The Gnostic Apostle Thomas

You do not personally own or create love, for love is not from you but is given to you. It is your birthright, and nobody else can give you the love you already have. For such love is universal, it is the flow of love that comes from beyond our own small personality, and is the urge that enables us to reach out to another person who is not our own kin, or to another creature, is a small awareness of that universal love.

You can go from partner to partner and still not find it. Such love, if it ends, leaves you emptier and more painful than before. But as you discover your own love you find others love you. Love recognises itself and responds.  With or without a partner you are not without love. This homecoming to love has been recognised in all cultures, and is often depicted as the sacred marriage between the male and female elements of your own being that life in the body and the experience of the years have separated. The unfolding of your innate love brings about this inner unity. This unity then shines into the life of others and helps the unfolding of their own love.

The marriage leaves the person united as male and female as shown with the male with a female breast – both united as One.

A sacred marriage – may take many dreams and personal growth to find an actual full marriage in ones inner world. This can be seen also in the integration of the female in the male.

This marriage between the two sides of you is fairly clearly shown in dreams, and even the Bible tells how important this marriage is, “For many are invited, but few are chosen

Here is a dream showing this wonderful and full union.

 Example: I dreamt I was looking at a very large and old tree. I wondered if I could climb it but couldn’t see any way up it. But I noticed a large area without any bark, like an old wound, and I thought that area would become rotten and so the tree would become hollow and offer shelter to animals and humans.

Then I walked around the back of the tree and saw that the bark was like thick cables about 6-8 inches wide. I could then see a fairly easy way to climb the tree. So, I climbed up and the top of the tree was like a massive bell of a flower, like a crocus shape. And it was light and full of  colour. Suddenly I saw a spirit, a beautiful female. It was the spirit of the tree. At this point I was semi awake, and I wanted to hold the beautiful spirit, but realised that the tree was a representation of my life, and so was the spirit of the tree. The spirit sat on me in a sexual position, so I was lying on my back and she was upright, but there were no sexual movements. She slowly took me into her, I mean the whole me, as if she was sucking my whole body into her. I realised that I had to let go of my personal desires and beliefs because she wanted to take all my experience of life and endeavour into her and fertilise herself to form a baby. So, I was ready to let go and watched her form a new baby, a mixture of her and me.

“At this point I experienced the spiritual marriage, in which one’s personal awareness was merged/married to the Divine. It is difficult to be able to define this experience, but at the time I felt that my being was now linked in a wonderful way of sharing the experience with every woman I had felt care and love for – we were all sharing in the celebration.”

“I could see that it has been an enormous part of my personal growth over the years right the way back to childhood. I have experienced a mystical marriage in myself. I am life – and although that is not true, at the same time it is true. In my being I am Krishna and Radha, Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  In me they both live in a wonderful union of bliss.  I am both the incarnation of godhead and also the worshipper before that wonder.  That this wonder can live in us is beyond my understanding.  That it can take on flesh – and that it does, every time a baby is born – leaves me in a state of wonder. I feel all this because I am that blissful union of Krishna and Radha.  In myself I know the union and the love.  I have been and am that sweet love forever joined. That the very creator of the universe can take on flesh, as it does every time a baby is born, brings me to my knees.  This is beyond belief.  Yet that is what I am seeing and experiencing as the truth.  That is what I am experiencing in myself.  I know that in this very existence, lost as I am in the sensory experiences of the world, and my feelings of isolation and physicality, I am at the same time, at the same moment, the godhead itself in holy union.”

Krishna and Radha               Jesus and Mary




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