Suspended Between Death and Life

I discovered that the wonder found in the following description is everywhere and in everything. But if you are locked in seeing everything in pigeon holes of definition and words you may not be able to share the wonder.

“Today while going downstairs to the toilet I looked in the my large bedroom and saw my cat on the bed. The sight filled me with joy and also wonder. And as I went downstairs I asked myself what caused such a deep feeling of wonder – where does it come from.

Then it seemed that a voice inside me said, “Listen, what happened was that when you were born you were so tiny and helpless, so vulnerable because you were born prematurely, something happened to you. You were dying and yet were alive. Somehow you got strung between two worlds, the world of death and the world of life and the body. In that condition something entered you, something that doesn’t happen usually. You saw or experience the world beyond death, not in images or even in distinct memories. Yet it entered you and remained like a fragrance in your life that has guided your whole life; in fact it adds the sense of wonder to everyday life, such as seeing a flower growing from a dusty littered strewn highway. It was a wonder that is only now being recognised and felt and will slowly grow.” See Tony’s Biography


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