-Anushka 2014-09-05 15:23:24

I dont have exactly a recurring or squential dream but there’s sometging that keeps on repeating in each dream since 3 years. A boy i had cursh on seems to be my best friend in each and every dream. I dont think that i have criah on him anymore but still him as my best friend continues to appear in all of my dreams but other situtation and people around us ten to change in every dream except of us and our bond. And we are so close that i cant imagine any friend to be so close ever in reality. But thats only on my dreams. In reality we dont know each other so good. We are mere aquaintance. And this feelings i feel for in my dreams are quite intense and weird. Now i am totally frustrated by these dreams. Please tell me if they mean something or i should just try to forget them.

-amanda 2014-07-28 19:36:27

I have a reoccurring dream but it goes in sequence I was wondering what it´s interpreted to be.

part one of my dreamis where I’m going through a maze a maze of trees.then once I get to the end of the maze, I see a little house almost cottage like. And inside the house is a little older man sing at a dinner table with a fork and a spoon in his hand waiting patiently for dinner.I forgot to mention this cottage has all windows but no I go little closer to the window and look inside to see what was being cooked I could smell something being cooked so I walk up to the window look inside and standing at the stove was a little old woman and she was during a big boiling pot.curious what she was cooking I’ve got a little closer to the ledge of the window, to get a closer lookand to find that she had been cooking my children. I started to scream and cry and beat on the windows but it’s almost as if they didn’t even hear me they didn’t even bat an eye I looked around find something I could break the windows with the windows are unbreakable! That’s when my dream ended…

I don’t call it a dream it was more like a nightmare. This is a few years ago that I had the dream, and haven’t had any dream like it since. But I remember it so vividly now still to this day all the way to the very color of the apron the woman was wearing. I’m a little lost for meaning but it gets to me every day just thinking that I could dream such a thing. Please help me figure this out come to an understanding of what this dream meant. Thank you for your time and reading my request. I greatly appreciate it and I’m looking forward to your response.


    -Tony Crisp 2014-08-03 11:37:11

    Amanda – The maze of trees usually represent you, while asleep and dreaming, going deeper into the layers of your mind, a sort of archaeological dig of the mind. And you reach the fairy story level, in which children are threatened by adults – in Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the hero always goes into the forest. Hence, in fairy tales, Hansel and Gretel found a cannibalistic witch in the forest.

    These themes are ages old and represent the awful things adults do to children. . What is so strange is how little parents understand about the inner world their baby or child lives in. Perhaps it’s because most of us manage to brick up memories of childhood so it is all but lost except for a few snapshots and what they portray. Without remembering how it felt, the adult has no idea of what they faced and how they dealt with it themselves as a baby. I have to conclude this bricking up, this building of an impenetrable wall against feeling ones early years, has been going on for generations. It must be so otherwise adults could never treat children the way they do. As a group we could never expose them to the tortures involved in some aspects of school, hospital, and in fact everyday life as it occurs in many families.

    So your dream shows you as a child experiencing extreme tension and stress, plus the feeling that whatever you did you could never get through to your mother. It is a terrible scene found in many dreams, but fortunately there is sometimes a way out of it. To find it you need to experiment with – and

    Good luck and blessing, as you have an amazing journey ahead of you if you persist. See


-Camille 2012-01-25 1:26:45

The dreams I have don’t fit into any of the descriptions I’ve seen anywhere online. They have been going on for years, are serial, and I can transfer information from one dream to another. Minor injuries and smells often transfer to my waking life. The people I know in my dreams I could pick out of a lineup. If Anyone is experiencing similar dreams, please email me.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-02-24 14:07:26

    Camille – I don’t experience dreams like that because I explore them and so move on. One woman had exactly the same dream night after night. Her record had got stuck in a groove and so played the same track over and over. It needs a jog. Usually the same things appear in dreams because the causes behind them are not made conscious. And the transfer from one dream isn’t actually a transfer but a message that is so important it comes in wherever it can. The waking life is only a dummed down version of our dream/inner life.

    An example – A woman in her fifties told me that since early childhood until her forties she had experienced a recurring dream that was very disturbing. In the dream she was walking past railings in the town she lived in as a child. She always woke in dread and perspiration from this dream. During her forties she had the dream while her sister was visiting and told her the dream. The response was, “Oh, that’s simple. Don’t you remember that when you were about four we were walking past those railings and we were set on by a bunch of boys. Then I said to them, ‘Don’t hurt us our mother’s dead!’ They left us alone, but you should have seen the look on your face.”

    From that time on the dream never recurred. It seems likely the event had confronted her with the possibility of her mother dying, which at that age she may never have met before.The impact was strong enough to permeate her life for nearly forty years, causing awful nightmares.

    The point is that if we do not integrate such feelings they remain there to be dealt with. And the reason we do not meet them is that we are frightened of our own emotions. Usually these events were too much to meet or cope with at the time, and becomes encysted in our inner life. But as an adult we can deal them, otherwise the dream would not keep repeating.

    One way of shifting the sequence is to use the methods suggested in and


-alicia 2010-10-07 14:47:01

i’ve been dreaming for the past couple of days me running from the police or them taking me in and me just screaming and crying to not take me away from my babyboy. my babysdad had got locked up 2 years ago and i was with him when everything happened and he took the fall for both of us. i dont know if it has anything to do with that or what it is but its caught my attention. so im wanting to know whats the significance to dreaming me getting locked up

    -Tony Crisp 2010-10-14 11:21:58

    Alicia – Everything we do and think is taken into our Core being. That level is usually called our Spirit. It is the part of us that sees everything and tries to balance us up to keep us healthy, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. And it isn’t like a vengeful God – an eye for an eye thing. It is really interested in your best interests.

    So as far as your dream is concerned, I feel a lot of it arises from your natural worry about your baby. The truth is that what we think and feel becomes a reality in the inner world of dreams. So maybe you are creating a lot of stress four yourself out of worry about your baby, and also a bit of conscience. You can get through this more quickly by having a serious talk with your Core self. If it is difficult to have an image of this, use whatever is a symbol of whatever you see as the highest in you or in Life.


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