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Serial dreams

Many people report recurring dreams, but these are of two types. One is the dream that recurs much the same in every feature. The other – serial dreams – are those that slowly change and evolve. Serial dreams might be about something like learning to fly in a long series of dreams; or exploring territory or a house that you only slowly penetrate. Sometimes they are about a relationship in which developmental changes occur.

Such dreams usually reflect changing attitudes and skills in yourself. For instance a man who was confronting his own fears concerning sex, experienced a series of dreams in which he at first had difficulty getting close to and loving a woman. The dreams evolved into ones in which he satisfying made love.

The theme of these serial dreams usually gives a clue to the area of your personality the changes refer to. Common themes are gaining of confidence; learning skill in relationships; developing courage to go beyond usual boundaries of anxiety and thus take risks such as starting your own business; discovering latent potential in yourself. See: recurring dreams; Series of dreams – working with.

Series of dreams – working with

Looking at a series of our dreams often gives us insight into aspects of ourselves that considering a single dream does not. For instance there may be a theme running through the dreams, or a character or animal. So noting the changes in the dream series in regard to the animal or person, gives information about what changes are occurring in connection with that aspect of our life.

To helpfully work with a series of dreams you can use the techniques described in Dream Visualisation and Secrets of Power dreaming.

Something else that is useful is to define what difficulties, barriers or fears appear in the series and consider or imagine by visualising, ways of dealing with the problem. Also, look back on your dreams and life to see if you have met this problem in the past successfully. If you have, define how you dealt with it and see if this will work with the present dream situation.



-Kristy trowbridge 2012-03-17 8:52:21

Have dreamed twice that I am watching an Asian woman running from a man trying to hurt her in a club he chases her down the street and through a restaurant the girl is pregnant . She eventually gets to a half done house and goes inside the tiles on the floor are all loose and she opens a door which leads to a bathroom with a pool sized spa bath the bath has a few naked asian men in it the make the girl get into the spa because the water is supposed to make her conceive their baby but when they find out she is already pregnant they turn on her and she begins running again . Please explain


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