The Archetype of the Artist

This includes authors, actors, playwrights, chefs, musicians, sculptors, etc. The fundamental influence of this archetype is toward giving form either to what is at present formless in the depths of the human spirit or society, or formless in oneself. It is also about bringing something new to the world, so is sometimes akin to childbirth, parenthood or prophecy. Sometimes the power of this archetype leads to an enormous drive to do something outstanding that will claim attention from others. But often it is a drive within the person to give form to an influence they barely understand themselves, and as it comes into being is as much a surprise to the creative artist as it is to her or his audience. See art and dreams.

The negative aspect of this is the urge to live out a hollow copy of the artistic life, perhaps living in self imposed poverty or eccentric behaviour to give form to their need to be acknowledged as an artist. Or they may spend all their own or someone else’s wealth in a desperate bid to create something that is worthless. Caroline Myss, in her book Sacred Contracts, suggests that supporting such a person is as much an influence of the negative artist archetype as being the crazy artist.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If the artist is a powerful force within my life, what is it I am trying to give form to?

Do I believe that to be an artist I have to be eccentric or live in ways to give me a confidence I don’t have?

What have I learned from the artist archetype?

Try using Talking As and Processing Dreams to explore your dream.


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