The Belief We Are Alone

This is one of the things we need to undo – the belief that we are alone?

In the past there was a period in human growth where it was necessary to be shut off from that connection which linked us with each other. Then there was the immense event when  the earliest of humans began to develop speech.  Immense periods of time elapsed. What it was for, what it means, there was a process which occurred which was to limit human beings.

It is difficult to talk about this. It was a period when human beings fell, became smaller, became more involved in the processes of the Earth. They built around them a body in a way they had not done before. They created a situation which cut them off from each other, because prior to that the were purely instinctive creatures, and so had not developed separate identities. They could only see each other through the senses, hear each other through their ears, touch each other through their fingers and flesh. That wasn’t the situation before. But speech allowed them to ask questions and also give themselves indivdual names. See Programmed

There is a story about this event. And the story is about a man falling in love with a woman. We call it the story of Adam and Eve. And in this love there generates a temptation. The temptation is such that a situation is created. To have the experience of such love, to do that, they had to unbalance themselves, to know themselves as individuals. To have the form of love which might exist between a she dog and a male dog, to experience that drive, they had to unbalance themselves, they had to cut off a part of their nature – the male or female. They had to repress it, to push it down, to hold it at bay, to make it unconscious. Otherwise that love could not occur.

That relationship could not occur. And this was the original sin as spoken of in the Bible. It is that at some time we have denied a part of ourselves and we are still experiencing the consequences of that. We have built a body, a world, a way of life around it. Each of us are haunted by the story of the stranger who knows and loves us yet we do not know them, or we run from them; the loved one who is unearthly, the beloved we can never find.

We are haunted by this search for love. We attempt to recreate it in relationships with each other. But of course we never actually find it, although we resurrect something of our own being in our attempts to love each other, to forgive, to give something of ourselves to the other, to support each other in that loneliness. See Archetype of the Animus – Archetype of the Anima

It is in this quality of compassion for each other that we can begin to resurrect the denied part of ourselves. The part of ourselves that was lost, pushed away, willfully denied for the sake of experience. See Hermaphrodite

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