Some Truths About Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreams Part 1

In case you are not aware of the term ‘Lucid Dreaming’, it means the ability to remain criticallly awake while dreaming. That means that one can carry waking awareness into the dreaming state. That is an enormous step in human evolution and ability.

In the ‘real’ world if you jump off a high building it would kill you – well, not really, but it would certainly mess up that body. But in the world of dreams, and especially lucid dreams, you can of course experience death- and you can do it again and again, because that it all it is, an experience. See Example 6

What is so difficult for most people to grasp is that every dream is a real life virtual reality. But unlike those of computer games and computer generated versions you are firmly in the action and feeling it as if it were real. Therefore if you ‘dream’ of  falling you will usually feel extraordinary fear. And of course, if you dream of having a wonderful sexual encounter it IS wonderful, with depths of experience not usually available in waking life. To really understand dreaming and lucid dreaming you have to understand that you are in an experience without boundaries. I know that is hard for most people to grasp, locked as they are in their view of the world as being subject to time, space and what is usually called ‘reality’. So come with me into another world in which thoughts create your environment, and imagination is a tool with which you can create it. So most people who enter it usually create a world much like the physical world they are so familiar with – people with bodies, gender, up and down, houses and no connection between people except through words and body signals. Pretty boring when you know your way around the many dimensions you exist in. But their dream world is frightening or intriguing because it is so totally unlike ‘real’ life. I want to say here that I was also lost in an awful real world or terrors that I found my way out of through learning the things mentioned here.

The real world and the dream world are not separate, just like the mind and the body are not separate. What I realised was that dreaming, especially lucid dreaming is like dying. The old saying sleep is a little death is true. In lucid dreaming  you realise that you cannot die, and the brain is not the final thing that gives you life. See Example 7

So travel with me into the world of directly knowing another person without the use of words or even a body; to an experience of the Earth and its wonderful tides and energies beyond the knowing we have through our eyes and physical senses; come with me into the vast sea of knowledge where all that has lived is known and recorded. Or into the depths of your own past and ancestors, the evolution of you. For most people, dreams are an adventure in the first level – people with bodies, a fixed gender, up and down, houses and no connection between people except through words or signals. In the dream world we create our environment and it is plastic, able to shift with our thoughts and intentions. Having been able to explore lucid dreaming, I know from experience that is only the first level – the ordinary world of seeing objects in a new setting. So if you think this is weird, there are worlds beyond that are so much more  wonderful. Most people do not realise that our only limitation is our own ability, our own conceptions of who and what we are. See Inner World

Our growth is to move beyond what we have known and what we believe. But I see that there are two main types of people who manage lucid dreaming. The first is those who with an open mind wish to explore and understand the world of lucidity. They like the author of In the Shadow of Man, Jane Lawick Goodall, simply observed and gradually learnt from what was seen.

But there is also the awful propensity to be in control of everything in Western Society.  Something that needs to be said about this type of lucidity is that I felt lucidity can be a process, or a possibility, sought and developed by people who are basically inadequate in meeting the so-called real demands of life. Because of this, because they seek an alternative to what is difficult for them, they attempt to inhabit a sort of existence between worlds. I suppose I have called it living in the cracks of life. Finding an environment that is not threatening and where the usual rules of society and physical life do not apply. In this view I could see lucidity as a sort of drug to be taken to deal with stress, especially for lucid dreamers who insist in controlling every aspect of the dream, or who afraid of their own fears and will not face them. The world that one can inhabit and explore as lucidity was one of a type inhabited by dropouts, and others seeking an alternative way of being – but not in a positive dynamic sense. Having myself moved beyond the image level, I know there is more to lucid dreaming. See flying

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-Mia 2017-04-02 21:30:34

I have been a long time lucid dreamer. I am now 60 years old, and still lucid dream. For a very long time, I just assumed that these sorts of dreams were usual occurrences in everyone’s dreaming. I was surprised to find out that wasn’t so. In fact, I only recently found out they were called ‘lucid dreams’. I saw that movie ‘Inception’, I think it was called, and felt all critical because they got a lot wrong about being awake in your dreams. It was then that I thought to google the topic, and then found out this sort of dreaming was not the ‘norm’. I have recently retired; moved across the entire country , one coast , to the opposite coast, (Canada), and have been sort of struggling with these new changes. I have been trying to find solace in my inner world. I just found this site. I think it is so inspiring. I have applied to be able to register as a member. I have so much hope that I will find answers here, and people I can talk to. ( I never discuss my lucid dreaming. I never have. No one wants to know about it. Maybe there’s a lot of interest in very young people, but my peer group seems to just not want to know. ). These articles by Tony, resonate truth.

-Jenn 2016-08-25 15:49:01

i am having this dream within a dream kinda of deal. all i can remember is having a dream that was so terrifying i wake up scared crying and frightened i calm myself down and go back to sleep..after falling back asleep( still the same dream) im dreaming that i look over to the right and see my boyfriend still sleeping. Out of no where i hear this awful noise creepy laughter and this deep scary voice talking (can not remember what the voice was saying). i look my left to find this little girl doll sitting in a rocking chair rocking away and speaking(which in real life i have a nightstand on both sides of my bed) after hearing what this dolll was saying she jumps out of the chair on to me in a violent way and i am trying to get her off me as i am yelling for my boyfriend to help but he doesn’t wake up. Then all of a sudden i wake up.what could this mean?

-mandy 2014-06-03 0:43:31

I’ve been lucid dreaming since I was a very young child and had a night terrors for 4 of those years(one of them being diagnosed as a newborn and 3 years starting age 7). Now at the age of 30 they are becoming intensely layered lucid dreams where I am aware and in control of a dream within another dream within another. Does anyone have experience with this? I would love to be able to control if I dream at all. I often feel like going to sleep is more work than waking life. Often there is communication by knowing (not by any voice or anything like that) telling me rules and guiding me through specific dreams, usually guiding me as if it’s a video game and I have to create scenarios with my mind to complete a stage and push through some extremely horrific visuals and dark forces or energy in my dream and if I do what is being communicated it usually leads to a better state in the dream but is still a lot of work and energy as if preparing for the next stage. I get woken up if the dark scary part is startling and intense but it only wakes me up into the previous dream and it’s a dream about having that dream and a dream of recognizing what i need to do next time to push into the calmer stage in the previous dream. Sometimes it’s like I have to go through a maze of dreams waking up over and over until I wake up for real in my bed. Even then it takes about 30 minutes and fresh air to fully come back into my body. Am I crazy and does anyone know if you can do anything to stop dreaming or keep it to a minimumm. It does scare me a bit that it gets more intense as I get older and that this is the first time I’ve had to start a process to wake up sometimes at 3 in morning to get outside and reboot my brain to recover and assess reality. It scares me that the dreams are so specific with events and that they sometimes coincidentally predict something that happens in waking life. It’s just alot to even explain here. The content of the dreams don’t scare me but the coming out of the dream and then having blurry vision and other physical effects afterwards really does. Please help !

-Helen 2014-02-15 11:30:43

I find all this really interesting. My main job is an Intuitive Counselor. The ONLY time I remember my dreams are when I meditate and then I lucid dream. Every other night I have insomnia and I rarely, if ever remember my dreams. I must dream but I don’t remember them. I help others with dreams but I lack in that area. I am resistant to meditate. I go with the resistance because I have learned it is there for a reason. I meditate when I need to and my INSIDES give me permission. You know how that is. Then it is short and sweet. lol Thank you for all this great work you do.


-brooke v-dawg 2013-10-28 19:40:39

the pegasus moved my soul like none other, deep. emotion. for real.

-Tabitha DuPrey 2013-10-12 3:34:45

My name is Tabitha and I been having dreams well the same dream every night to the point where I am scared to fall back to sleep its the same dream every night except different injuries i can’t see a face but hear the man’s voice and when i fall asleep its like when I dream i am awake in it and when i wake up I am tired I always dream a person is chasing me and is trying to hurt me sometimes I dream of it and don’t remember inside the dream and today I woke up on same spot where i had the injury with a bruise

    -brooke vasiline 2013-10-28 19:44:16

    that bruise probably came from the likes of a magnificient pegasus guarding you from the dream realm. Thank you baby jesus for these splendid creatures. Amen. for real.

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