Yerba Mate

Maté is the national drink of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Even in the 16th century, Spanish explorers described the tea as producing exhileration and energy.

Recent research has show the reason for this energy boost is that maté contains caffeine. But users state that unlike the caffeine in coffee, maté does not cause sleepnessness or tension. Perhaps this is becasue it is in a more subtle dose in the maté leaves the tea is made from.

What is definitely known of maté is that like green tea, it contains powerful antioxidants , is one of the greatest of natural aids to weight loss, and is a mood enhancer. This latter because it inhibits molecules in the brain that cause loss of enthusiasm and energy.

So to summaries, maté can –

1. Give more energy and vitality.
2. Increase the burning of fatty tissues in the body and so increase weight loss.
3. Increase mental awareness and lift mood.
4. Reduction of cravings for things like junk food or alcohol.
5. Better health of immune sytem to deal with infections and illness.

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