Grapefruit Seed Extract

Help with thrush, bowel problems, arthritis, athletes foot, yeast and fungal infections, and many long standing internal or external infections.

Some parts of the text below are Reprinted from BEYOND NUTRITION, issue 1 Winter 1994

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Fourteen years ago an earnest gardener noticed that when he threw grapefruit seeds onto his compost heap they did not rot. Fortunately, being both a doctor and an Einstein Laureate physicist who specialised in finding natural remedies, he investigated. The result was a remarkable discovery The extract he made from the grapefruit seeds may turn out to be the most potent and benign antimicrobial so far discovered.
Could we have
Discovered the near
perfect antimicrobial?
Use it on your toothpaste to banish aching teeth!

A few drops of Dr. Harich’s grapefruit seed extract, (gse), in a glass of water could put a stop to the flu or a sore throat. It could also help control Candida or gingivitis, and it’s been known to banish athlete’s foot in a single application. It is highly effective against diarrhoea and food poisoning, it could rid you of worms or parasites, it can even stop you going down with cholera or dysentery when travelling abroad. it is very much more potent than tea tree oil. The best news is it is natural, inexpensive and non toxic.

What was so surprising about Dr. Harich’s new discovery was how broad it’s uses turned out to be. Conventional antibiotics only kill bacteria. GSE has been shown to inactivate viruses, yeasts, fungi, parasites and worms, as well as bacteria. What’s in there that makes it work really isn’t known,” Dr.: Leo Gallard has been prescribing GSE to New York patients for over 7 years, told Natural Health Magazine, “There’s just something unique about this particular substance.

Whatever it does, it does it without debilitating side effects and it has the advantage of being very safe”.

Dr. Louis Parish MD, an investigator for the US Department of Health and the FDA, who has treated many people with intestinal problems, including dysentery, believes that GSE, “Gives more symptomatic relief than any other treatment.”

“Conventional antibiotics only kill bacteria. The grapefruit seed extract has been shown to inactivate viruses, yeasts, fungi, parasites and worms as well as bacteria.”

“Studies from a list of prestigious institutes have demonstrated grapefruit seed extract to be effective against over twenty disease-causing bacteria, more than thirty fungi, and a host of single cell parasites”
Allan Sachs DC

Leading American chiropractor Allan Sachs DC took part in clinical research on the new extract when it first became available. He and his colleagues drew up a list of criteria and evaluated GSE for each of them. After evaluating it he reported, “I was astounded to find that it scored high marks for each category. Could we have discovered the near perfect antimicrobial? For instance, studies from a list of prestigious institutes have demonstrated GSE to effective against over 20 disease causing bacteria, more than 30 fungi, and a host of protozoa (single cell parasites).
When suffering an acutely painful attack of arthritis in my left hip I tried taking GSE in desperation more than in hope of help. Within a few hours of the first dose (15 drops in water) the pain left me and has not returned in that degree – Tony Crisp.

I have used GSE on two warts, and after daily usage over a couple of weeks, the warts fell off. I used the GSE neat.

Several of the viruses studied also succumbed to the extract.

Fortunately GSE does not seem to disturb beneficial gut bacteria. One study which tested the effect of GSE on eczema patients (who frequently have fungal and bacterial infections) found that it significantly inhibited Candida albicans and E. Coli, but left the important Bifidobacteria unchanged, and only slightly reduced the Lactobacilli. Their patients’ constipation, flatulence and abdominal discomfort all improved.

A Major
breakthrough for patients…

Remarkably, this botanical extract seems to tackle at least some viruses. It is too early to say how many, William Shannon. head of the Microbiology-Virology Division at Southern Research Institute found that GSE was effective against herpes simplex and one of the influenza viruses. Interlab, a South American laboratory found that it inactivated the measles virus, and the US Department of Agriculture found that it was effective against four animal viruses, including foot and mouth disease and African swine fever. Other laboratory tests have shown that GSE will kill many of the microbes which commonly infect us, including; streptococci, staphylococci, salmonella, pseudomonas, giardia, lysteria, legionella, helicobacter pylori and capylobacter jejuni.

Chronic candiasis can be successfully treated with GSE according to the many clinics and medical practitioners now prescribing it.

“Dr. Leo Galland, who prescribes grapefruit seed extract for
chronic candidiasis has reported
treatment failure in only two out of 297 cases.
And considers it to be a major therapeutic breakthrough
for patients with chronic parasitic and yeast infections.”


Regarding resistant patients Dr. Galland commented, “I have had some immuno-suppressed patients taking the preparation for over a year with no apparent development of side effects or drug resistance (resistance of infective microbes to the extract)” Researchers at the Pasteur Institutes hospital in Nairobi have been using with GSE with HIV patients for over two years and report dramatic results with secondary infections, including parasitic infections and thrush. GSE is so safe that you can use a mild solution on a baby’s bottom for nappy rash.

Normally GSE comes as a concentrate of which you use a few drops at a time dissolved in a glass of water or juice. To stave off a cold you could drink some in a hot drink, repeating, if necessary a few hours later. In areas where diarrhoea is a problem a little can be taken each morning as a preventative. The concentrate is extremely strong and must always be diluted and never used in the eyes. GSE is incredibly versatile. You can gargle with it for sore throats and gum infections. You can even douche with it. Try adding it to your shampoo to control dandruff.

The only side effect that has been noticed is an occasional mild discomfort when yeast or bacteria begin a ‘die off” process. Starting on just a few drops a day and raising it gradually will minimise this. Often taking a probiotic supplement is appropriate as well. For maximum effect they should be taken several hours apart.


Natural Disinfectant

Besides it’s multiple uses within the human body, GSE has many more applications. Tests at the University of Georgia, confirmed by labs and clinics around the world, have shown that it is a first class disinfectant. Not only does it kill germs effectively, but unlike most disinfectants, it has virtually no toxicity, making it far safer to use.

Already it is being used by hospitals in America.

At home it can safely be used to wash fruit and salad vegetables, to clean chopping boards, and to sterilise food utensils (or your toothbrush) when needed.

This discovery has shown that GSE has so many uses that the moral may turn out to be:

Don’t leave home without it!


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A doctor from Orlando was travelling in South America when his companion was struck with severe diarrhoea after eating wayside strawberries. Having GSE to hand he gave his friend some immediately and another dose before going to bed. The next day, Dr. Lynn reported that his friend, “Was down to breakfast and eating. No further bowel problems.”


Ionescu, Kiehl, Wichmann-Kunz, Williams, Baum and Levine. Oral Citrus Seed Extract in Atopic Eczema: In vitro and in vivo studies on Intestinal Microflora” Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Volume 5. No 3, 1990 The Third Opinion, Volume 1 Petaluma CA 94952
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-Mika 2015-08-18 23:42:13

Hello, can GSE help eliminate an enterococcus UTI that doesnt respond to antibiotics? How much should I take? I am also trying to get pregnant, is it safe to take?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-26 14:31:23

    Dear Mika – I have passed your questions on to the producer of GSE; Mike Tanner. When I receive his answer I will post it; usually he answers quickly.
    Anna 🙂

      -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-26 16:22:58

      Dear Mika – Mike did answer VERY quickly 😉
      It may well be helpful, certainly worth a try. I suggest starting slowly, say 5 drops x three times a day to see if there is any reaction such as Herxheimer’s (die-off) caused by the body reacting to toxins released by dead fungi. If all OK then increase to 15 drops x three times a day and maintain for 8 weeks.

      It is obviously better to take as little as possible if pregnant however I do not know of any problems with taking GSE, my daughters have taken it without ill effect when pregnant.

      My suggestion would be to get yourself healthy before getting pregnant.



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