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The first illustration is the route all of the European stock took out of Africa.

The spur pointing above Asia shows the journey to the far north and the amazing leap these northern people did in entering north and south America, about 15,000 year ago or even earlier. They entered a land that until then was without human beings.

It also led the path humans took to people Central Asia.

The two lower links were the journey our ancestors made to populate China, Japan, India, and tributaries. And the lowest link is the great journey the earliest Australian human’s made and the very first humans to settle a new land. An ice age had lowered sea levels making it easier to cross to Australia – but not quite, but we did it and survived facing wild animals, huge droughts and now had to cross 150 miles of sea to get to Oz. The fact is we did it.

That is interesting, but like many human enquiries it is just concentrated on just a small part of our history – the emergence of US humans – so that it totally ignores the billions of years we spent moving through the living creatures, and climbing out of the sea, to becoming mammals.

But the very earliest humans were more animal than what today we recognise as human. They could communicate with each other as most animals do in a variety of ways such as sound, colour change, noticing a creatures gaze direction, facial expression, movement of dancing as with birds and bees, gestures, and fish use bioluminescent. But despite all this incredible instinctive knowledge they could not question themselves or ask what am? So I see that humans did not invent language but we have managed to extend it enormously. See Who Am I – Programmed 

The second illustration shows the bee shaman. The very earliest of humans found this Ancient Self that changed them into the next level in human evolution, beyond todays man and woman. This can be seen in their cave paintings. The first image is of ‘The bee shaman’ covered in mushrooms, a petroglyph – a rock carving not painting – in a cave in Tassili, Sahara Desert, Neolithic period 9000 to 6000 BC. The psychedelic mushrooms maybe were one of the first things to effect this enormous change in humans. 

The third is a photo showing a small example of the difference in skin colour still occurring in San people today. The woman has a pale skin, unlike nany black skinned Africans. Their story is told in this documentary showing the whole human journey – See Humans Journey – (20) Children of Adam | National Geographic DNA Documentary – YouTube

The next is the sorcerer.

It seemed to me that at the beginning of becoming self-aware there was a stage where we were still very much an animal, yet a few individuals had evolved the self-aware level. As explained above these early pioneers found ways of extending their awareness. One great seer was an artist and left this amazing statement – the figure shows it with the antlers of a stag, the eyes of an owl, the tail of a wild horse or wolf, the paws of a lion and with a human beard. Again a statement form an ancient seer which seems to say that we all are a synthesise of all animals and humans.

Then comes the illustration of my experience of the child running to me.

The last is the map; of my own DNA past.





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