Star Daily

The story of Star Daly. He was a hardened criminal and had been in prison many times and had been tortured by the police, hands strapped to hot radiators and other tortures, and he said what kept him going was hatred. He was in prison, and then involved in a prison break and they left him  in solitary confinement  for a long time without food and water and he was dying, or getting near to death, before it got to him.
He said that something wonderful happened to him, a man walked past and stood looking at him, it was Christ, and he understood from this man looking at him, that something passed between them, and he saw all his whole life passed before him, and he saw how destructive it had been, and he saw how all these things had been hurting people and destroying things, and he realized how much energy he had expressed, and he realized that if all that energy had been put into creativity or constructive activity what a different life he would have.
And so he did that. He started helping other prisoners find their way out of what he had experienced. He was never a criminal again and he was known for devoting his life to helping other criminals stay out of the same sort of place. There’s a little book he wrote called Love Can Open Prison Doors.

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