Hexagram Forty Three

Kuai (Pro: Gwy; rhymes with ‘Buy’) – Emerging


There has been a threat or opposition, perhaps for a long time, but this is being resolved. Nevertheless there is still the need for care. Emerging from difficulties, even if well under way, must still be done with orderliness.

Some of the obstacles that recently beset this issue have gone. Like a river bursting a log jam, blockages have been removed. However, some obstacles, as people or inner difficulties still remain.

The hexagram holds in it the suggestion of not fighting these evils head on. This only gives them power. Like a debilitating urge we try to repress, it gains strength. One should therefore let the arising power of life that caused the breakthrough, carry us onwards to positive growth. This brings the negative into highlight, revealing its foundations and removing them. Its energy then flows into balance.

Explain the situation to those who give support, but no need to explain all. Trust the protection they can give. Avoid violence, despite the temptation and be generous with those who are allies.

With determination and use of resources a breakthrough can now be made. Plans can go forward after long restraint. It is important in this issue to allow benefits or riches to flow downwards. Otherwise a serious tension once more threatens.

Key words: Breakthrough followed by establishing the emergence. Do not fight evil – let the power of renewal take its place. Riches should flow downward.

The Moving Lines


1.It is not helpful to start something with a great fanfare only to fail in its accomplishment. Assess your strength realistically before advancing.

2.There is still danger, but if you are aware of this and prepared, there can be no difficulty. Oppositions can then be dealt with. Cautious optimism.

3.Perseverance despite the misjudgement of others is vital. To deal with evil for the sake of good may leave one seen as part of the evil. Find strength in your own inner truth.

4.Despite humiliating obstacles you have still not learnt from the experience. If only you would drop the crazy drive onwards this pain could end. Perhaps you constantly believe you are right.

5.Removing ‘weeds’ – the negative hindrances or people – from this issue is a never ending task. But there is no other option than to keep going resolutely.

6. Through relaxing defences too soon there has been unexpected misfortune. This has come through not pressing on to completion. Don’t make the same mistake twice.


-KJ 2013-10-04 2:43:39

I have heard this hexagram referred to as “Parting”. In asking a question about how a relationship would evolve, I wonder if receiving this implies parting (separation)? Or to be interpreted as parting (removal) of difficulties. A beneficial breakthrough, or a split in the relationship? I received from hexagram 14 changing to 43. Thoughts?

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