Hexagram Fourteen

Ta Yu (Pro: Dah You) – Great Assets


Through the employment of modesty and the absence of self centredness you succeed.

Though not proclaiming personal value loudly, there is a treasure of abilities and resources.

There is harmony between the one and the many who are strong; between the person and the world. Thus action and restraint come at the right time. Great is the reward.

Depending upon the question being asked, this indicates a situation or person with many qualities and abilities. Brilliance of mind is shown, with a good heart. This brilliance is worthy of being expressed in the world. It is in accord with the needs of many. It connects a person who is in themselves quite mild and unassuming with those who are strong in the worldly sense. So it could suggest opportunity for a retiring person through support from those actively ambitious.

Much can be achieved and ready support will be found. It is a time to succeed through the possession of great resources.

Key words: Mildness is not weakness when it links with the strong. The links bring great rewards.

The Moving Lines

1.The great assets have not yet been challenged. If you confront the underhanded side of life, avoid dealing with it or becoming involved. Then you can pass through the meeting without problems.

2.There are enough resources and helpers evident to attain the goal and make full use of the assets. Set out confidently. The assets are safe.

3.With a great spirit you can share what is yours with society. For nothing is permanently ours. But if your spirit lacks stature, beware of setting out.

4.You have the power to discriminate. Thus you may see the folly of personal aggrandisement. Use the power to choose the way.

5.Inner stature inspires the confidence of those more advantaged. They become allies when there is no envy. Now you can be spontaneous.

6. Only the most favoured receive this sign. Expect and move toward utmost success. It arises out of special qualities creating accord with people and events.


-teddybowties 2015-09-24 20:18:39

I asked, “What can I expect if I do the run alone, please?”

I received 14 becomes 24 from the venerable book, as all lines but 5 were changing.

the most obvious meaning is yes go ahead, but the subtle meaning, now.. perhaps it is implying to relax now, as I have just done something scary today, and fought a battle against my anxiety. ;O not sure if I WANT to do the thing I asked about now. But my mind may change to-morrow!

-SaltSaint 2015-08-11 7:57:41

I have asked “What is my destiny?” and received hexagram 14, with changing lines 5 and 6.
I’m baffled since the actual picture of my life doesn’t look at all like this.
Could you please help me interpret and understand the question answer = 14.5.6 ––>43

-wendy 2013-02-01 7:52:04

Apologises, typo error c hanging at 1 and 6 to hexagram 36

-wendy 2013-01-29 12:57:53

Typo error, I mean changing lines at 2 and 6.
Your insight would be much appreciated.
Many thanks,

-wendy 2013-01-29 12:56:17

I asked what can I expect from my relationship with a man I have been dating, I got this with changing lines at 2 and 9.
What do you make out of this?
Many thanks,

-Pallas 2011-06-08 16:06:24

Hi, I posted in the forum also.
I asked if my boyfriend would finish with me and I cast this hexagram with no changing lines.
Now I am confused. Perhaps the question was not correctly phrased in some way, or too specific?
It seems to be a “negative” question with a very “positive” answer. But positive in what way?
Yes, he will and it’s a good thing.. or stay mild but strong and the suspected outcome will be avoided?
Thanks for any insight.

    -Tony Crisp 2011-06-14 13:40:26

    Pallas – It is difficult to tell without knowing the question you asked and the hexagram you received.

    But if you were asking about the ending and it gave a positive response I would take it that it will be good if you end. But that is my guess not knowing the question and the hexagram.


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