Hexagram Thirteen

T’ung Jn (Pro: Toong Rn; vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Empathy


Open affection and love. The time is ripe for an important journey or to overcome hesitations. Wisdom suggests persistence.

Someone, not in themselves strong gains power.

Through love or goodness a direction is given. The bond arising from mutual affinity is a natural force, bringing creative power. Whether impelled by love or by the role of leader, awareness of the way to motivate people leads to success.

When there is a natural affinity between people or in a situation, qualities emerge that were not previously apparent. The weak become strong through love, or a reserved woman becomes fiercely protective with her child.

The situation or person then becomes changed by the flow of new experience or affection. It is not simply receptivity. An active love or bond is made, out of which great and positive change can come. But it needs direction through strength of purpose. This is the sort of strength arising in a group of people who realise they have a common goal.

Key words: A bond of empathy leading to unity in action.

The Moving Lines

1.Love is openly displayed. Honest affiliation and common interest can bring no blame. There should be no secrecy.

2.To have a link too narrowly focused can lead to troubles. This link, like a clique, has social reasons for being cautious about.

3.Extreme caution is out of place here despite the difficulties. Caution or suspicions make a prisoner of affection so that fraternity and family bonds cannot be expressed. Alienation can arise. Boldness is required.

4.Although there are problems or quarrels, they will not overwhelm. It is safe to hold your position without being so defensive. As you cannot attack, why not make peace?.

5.Despite many obstacles to being together, in the heart there is connection. The obstacles will not keep such fire apart for long. Other people may help in this. Sadness then becomes joy.

6. Perhaps love does not link us. But fellowship can come through common goals. This is not what is wanted, but low spirits paint the world dark. Let the light shine.


-rebecca 2012-03-25 1:55:42

i am confused about a reading…hexagram 13 line 1 changing to hexagram 33…..this seems contradictory….

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