Hexagram Nine

Hsiao Ch’u (Pro: She-au Choo – the second vowel as in ‘House’) – Power Of The Weak


Find strength in being able to bend with the gentle winds of change. No great boon is carried by this wind, but wisdom may find advantage in small gains.

Hesitate from grand action and watch for change coming from an ending, or from within. There is no great good and no great bad in this enquiry, but it could be a time in which to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

If things have already entered into misfortune however, there is no power here to quickly pull out. Nevertheless the winds of change are blowing, so be patient until the time comes to make a shift. The winds of change do not blow strongly enough to quickly alter your position.

A great deal of creative power is shown, but because of the situation, there is nothing for it to grasp and work with. This is why only small changes can be made until shifts bring new and different opportunities.

If it is a negative situation being dealt with, restraining and subduing measures are called for.

If children are involved in this enquiry, now is the time to give them extra time and support.

Key words: Bend with the wind but do not lose ground. Restrain and subdue rather than press ahead.

The Moving Lines

1 – A return to a previous path or way is called for rather than changing to the new. Find a position where advance or retreat is possible. Then good fortune follows.

2 – Even if difficult, go back. The way ahead is blocked. There is the possibility of being unclear of your direction.

3 – Disorder within the house. The couple are at odds with each other. The wheel is off the car – no movement until the mutual irritation is melted or forgiven. Do not attempt to be powerful.

4 – Blood or tears could be spilled unless confident action is taken. Such confidence arises from doing what is seen to be true. All can then end well.

5 – Weak and strong find mutual bonds in devotion and trust. Honesty and sincerity bind others to us. Sharing opportunity and wealth in common endeavour create good fortune.

6 – When the rich rain is falling to nourish the earth, it is not time to work. Pushing ahead would undo what has been achieved as fortune through past work rewards you. The female principle of receptiveness has succeeded, and there must be no further pushing ahead in this enquiry as fullness begins to wane.


-Roberto Clerici 2015-01-10 12:51:50

Hi Tony! I am really beholden to you for the valuable insights I find in your treatment of the Yijing hexagrams. I visit this site very often since I resort to the counsel of the Book all too often, and yours is the place I find most useful
Thanks. RC, from BA, Argentina.

    -Tony Crisp 2015-01-11 13:41:18

    Thank you Roberto.


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