Hexagram Ten

L (Pro: L – as in the French ‘Tu’)- Mild Tiger


Though one in power is irritated

there is no attack. The powerful have not attacked for they are full of joy.

Dealing with power one must nevertheless be cautious of its strength. Success follows this wisdom. Standing before the greatest with honour brings glory.

Even if there is no blame in you or in this enquiry, there must still be caution. Whether you are the tiger, or the one treading on its tail, irritation could occur. With great heat there can be burns even though the warmth is mostly pleasant. But with caution there need be no misfortune.

For a while though, the less powerful are in advantage over the strong. This is why the situation must be handled carefully, though at the moment there is joy.

Remember that the powerful need those who are milder in strength as allies and friends. In this enquiry those in less power are in a strong position. Great differences in power or in social class are no barrier to relationship when there is no envy, threat or contempt.

Key words: The mild, because of their good humour, can gain much from the powerful, who are without malice.

The Moving Lines

1.Remaining simple and without deviousness in our conduct and relations leads to success. Starting from a lowly position is then no disadvantage. Advancement in this way leads to good fortune.

2.Be independent in this matter and remain unassuming, treading the middle way. By not becoming attached, good fortune comes.

3.The tail of the powerful has been trodden upon. Be careful or else disaster could follow. Keep both eyes open in this matter. Only fight a battle if it is for a great cause.

4.Tread carefully, you may step on the tiger’s tail. With caution and discretion you can still succeed, but you must overcome hesitations within.

5.Tread carefully, only with awareness of the danger can you succeed. Nevertheless be determined.

6.The work is done, only the harvest remains. Great good fortune follows if your actions leading to this point have produced good response.

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