Hexagram One

Ch’ien /The Creative Power

Utmost creativity can manifest in regard to this query.

Persistence in a direction harmonious with yourself and the society you live in will lead to success!

All that is creative, all that is fructifying, all that pushes toward fruition; all that in us urges onwards beyond groping and struggles, is at its peak. In nature there is a power that drives, that grows, that emerges out of difficulties, but in itself has no form. This is the power active in regard to the question. It is the light, the confidence and urge enabling a person to lift themselves out of things that hinder, and thus to break through. There is even the power now to lift up those things that in the past have been hesitations and problems in life. They can now be used to form what is emerging from within. They can become material, bricks to build something real in the world. But this is not the sign that gives form, more the inspirer or fertiliser.

Darkness has been dispersed, light and understanding emerges. You are enabled to see, to understand, to find, what is sought.

The outer life is in harmony with inner potential. Only this harmony leads to success in this issue.

If there is any difficulties with this power flowing so fully in life, it is that if you do not keep balance in affairs through remaining alert, then this positiveness may lead to becoming overbearing, to be overconfident, to not respect the needs of others. It is also essential to find something to receive and give form to the enormous potential.

This is the energy that pushes us to emerge from the womb and grow. But through the difficult experiences of our life, this energy has often become restrained and blocked. In each of us it has in some measure become held back. But now there is a breaking through those hesitations that have beset our life, that may have caused us not express what we are capable of. Previously this may have led to dissatisfaction, or the lack of power in expressing oneself. But now these hesitations and blockages have been overcome enabling you to lead and create.

Key words: Creativity persisting through time.

The Moving Lines.

1 The creative force has still not fully emerged. There may be a tendency to be withdrawn from the world. Or perhaps the value within is not yet recognised. Be patient. Emergence comes.

2 – You stand at the centre of things and are modest. But your light is seen and you can move on to create with more support and acclaim.

3 – There are difficulties at hand. In the transition to greater influence, be aware of the subversive power of popularity. Through thoroughness you create support from others. Hard work is required, but you are capable.

4 – You are on the move amidst great changes, great transformation. Be aware, but do not draw back. There is uncertainty of direction, but remain true to guidance from your innermost intuitions, in choosing between treading the outer or the inner world.

5 – The point of achievement has been reached. Those in accord with your purpose will come to you. You are a light. Shine! Contacts become firm, let your power flow throughout the world.

6 – It takes a different strength to lose with honour than to win, or to retreat rather than advance. To have aimed too high leads to failure.

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