Hexagram Sixteen

Y (Pro: Y; vowel as in the French ‘T’) – Response


Calm confidence arises from action in harmony with the needs of the people and the laws of nature.

What you want then comes about, for it is in accord with the ways of life. With this harmony move forward firmly.

If untroubled certainty has departed, do not move on this issue. But if untroubled certainty exists, move forward with strength.

Out of this arises the enthusiasm in others which promotes powerful and successful action. Strength and integrity are responded to with support.

Within the query lies enormous potential, as yet untapped, like a flower open but not yet fertilised. But the power to fertilise and bring to fruition is present if used in accord with the needs of the time and the people involved.

Recognise however that it takes positive and confident effort to meet and stimulate the receptive fertility of the situation. It will not happen by itself.

The image of the hexagram suggests a disorganised throng of people brought to order and satisfying action by an esteemed leader.

Key words: Receptivity galvanised into enthusiastic response by positive and esteemed leadership.

The Moving Lines

1. Boasting about ones connections hides a weakness which others will see and avoid. Learn to find your own centre of strength.

2. Be like a rock against which the waters of change move around. Not lost in the illusions of power or failure, fashions or rumours, you respond to what is essential.

3.Waiting too long for a sign from revered authority loses the possibility of success. Act before all chance has gone. Even now may be too late. Do not miss the quiet tap on the door. Opportunity might knock only once.

4. By confidence and enthusiasm a response is called from others. Their co-operation will follow as others are gathered and strength grows.

5. Pressures keep you from enjoying the enthusiasms of others. But the pressures are a means of preventing excess. The problem becomes the medicine.

6. One can be foolishly enthusiastic and confident. Take care this is not the case here. Even if it is, hope that such foolishness cannot last for long.


-larry horton58 2013-02-15 11:23:02

OK, third try.

ok, third try. hexigram 26 has lines 3 and 4 reversed, but the modern poet does too. so I don`t know what to think.

    -Tony Crisp 2013-02-17 14:55:27

    Larry – I checked it against the Richard Willhelm Translation and it seems okay. And originally I used two or three other versions. But if you have any other ideas I would be pleased to see them.


-larry horton 2013-02-15 11:10:24

sorry, the line 3 and 4 reverse is on hexigram 16

-larry horton 2013-02-15 11:03:46

lines three and 4 are reversed

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