Hexagram Seventeen

Sui (Pro: Sway) – Following


Following the movement of events like a good dancer leads to abundant reward.

Yield to the direction of the situation. Like the dancer, move when there is movement, be still when there is need to pause. Thus pursue the signs showing what the times require, while remaining in harmony within yourself.

Do not follow what is inferior in this situation, but try to be aware of what is the leading trend. Be patient until you can clearly see signs of where events are leading, and move in that direction.

This involves a period where a powerful new condition is emerging and it is wise to observe and understand it. If this can be done very great reward will follow, especially if your personal direction embodies what is pressing into the world scene. If this is done, then you are in the position of leadership being followed by others recognising your harmony with the needs of the times.

Such leadership is possible, but only if you have first learnt to be a good follower.

Because the scene is set, all it needs is a catalyst to start the process moving. Done correctly this requires little effort. Something new is emerging from influences in the past. Help it to be born.

Key words: Learning to follow helps to become a leader and find integration with others and the times.

The Moving Lines

1. The new order emerging calls for changes to be made which lead to greater contact with those outside ones usual circle and influence. Success is then certain.

2. Following childish impulses you can lose the way you would have taken as an adult. The superior is rejected and one becomes a follower of the lower order or outdated needs.

3. Giving up childishness you follow the mature direction. This assures success. It is time to move into the new world of enlarged responsibility and power. The past dies.

4. Be sure you are not being influenced by ulterior or inferior motives. Being followed by those seeking only personal gain is not useful. Stop and return to your own integrity. No harm can then enter this enquiry.

5. Having confidence in the people or convictions we allow to lead us assures good fortune. This brings strength of purpose and unity. The way ahead is full of blessings.

6. A turning point comes from being truly understood and respected. Emerge now from the retreat. You have much support from those who follow.

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