Hexagram Sixty Four

Wei Chi (Pro: Way Jee) – Becoming.


As the twig is bent so the tree grows.

This is a period of formation when all that is done and thought influences the development of things. From stagnation you are moving in this issue toward powerful growth. Recognise the responsibility of shaping events.

There are many directions possible. Choose carefully. In mid- stream do not be too eager to reach the far bank by having firm destinations. Like an old fox, watch every sign in order to choose ones direction. Work with the forces of creation and honour the directions innate in each thing as you create your world.

Light is dawning, but it is twilight and things still cannot be seen clearly. So do not rush forward at shadows. Go slowly and let the dawn come fully.

In relationships let time pass to determine where growth together will lead, and what will blossom from togetherness.

Although success is indicated, the issue is still only in the beginning of progressing. Like crossing a river a great deal of uncertainty lies between now and getting to the far bank. But you are moving across so success is in sight. So go slowly and complete the crossing.

The materials for success are at hand, but they must be put into the correct relationship.

Key words: Formation. The possibility of creating a new world. Take care in this.

The Moving Lines


1.Don’t be tempted to rush ahead when there is so much opportunity here. Take in the situation carefully and watch for the right moment.

2.The brakes were put on just in time to avoid a mistake. Now take time to go forward with more care and make the crossing.

3.Although there was not sufficient strength to continue in this issue of change, gather strength and gain help from others. Then perseverance will be rewarded.

4.Although gruelling hard work is needed it is worthwhile in this issue as success can be achieved. Persist, perhaps over years in taming the situation, and it will be rewarded.

5.Success has arrived. The way is justified. The new era brings support and growth. Recognition allows one to flourish.

6. Enjoy the fruits of success with friends. But take care not to let pleasure become indulgence lest the higher success of trust is lost.


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