Hexagram Sixty Three

Chi Chi (Pro: Jee Jee) – After Completion


When a flower is blooming it has reached its peak, and yet its glory is already set to fade. When it does so, it will form seeds for a new cycle to start.

All that was in one to do in now reaching fruition. There is nothing left, and yet this is not the time to relax vigilance.

The image of the hexagram is a kettle hung over a fire. This is an excellent relationship as long as one makes sure the fire is not too hot, or that the kettle doesn’t put out the fire when it boils.

Therefore one must still keep in place the care that brought this issue to the completion it is now reaching.

There is an ending which must be allowed to all things. As the old falls apart, allow the spirit of the new to unfold. Rebirth can follow. There must be patience to allow the seeds of what is dead to grow into their new form. In the hiatus between do not force the issue.

Whatever it is in the query that has reached completion, it cannot remain in that state for long. Life forever moves into the next cycle. Therefore enjoy the success and pleasure of reaching fulfilment. But in doing so recognise that as the cycle moves forward, there will be a need to work with whatever is involved toward a fading and a rebirth. Perseverance is needed.

There are tremendous possibilities of change involved. The art of succeeding is to recognise in which direction the new form will emerge.

Key words: Completion approaches. Success. In the height of success, do not drop the quality of care.

The Moving Lines


1.Do not be carried along precipitously by the crowd. Slow down. There may be slight inconvenience, but nothing more.

2.The new order may cause confusion in which you feel overlooked. Do not join the circus to advertise oneself. Maintain your standard quietly. Quality attracts quality.

3.Do not undertake this difficult campaign in new territory unless you are highly qualified and persistent. It will be a long involvement, gruelling even if you have the strength.

4.Amidst apparent beauty or quality, signs of shoddiness appear. Be cautious and check first impressions carefully.

5.Roasting an ox might profit us less than cooking a chicken if the latter is given in the right way. The importance of sincerity is everything in this issue. In any event, good fortune.

6. Don’t stop to look back and admire ones prowess. It is important to press on.


-E 2013-10-21 17:53:39

Hi Tony, I have a question regarding this hexagram. I got it as the outcome of #3, which had changing line 3. I’m currently trying online dating now; I asked for some advice for meeting someone offline (which is what everyone prefers to do I think). The meaning of the present hexagram and its changing line are obvious. But what does 63 mean? I’m hoping that it means my dating dry spell is coming to an end (completion). Any thoughts?

    -Tony Crisp 2013-10-22 8:10:23

    E – I see it as meaning that you are in the process of completing an inner change that will produce a new growth, but you need to be patient for it to complete itself. As the key words say – Completion approaches. Success. In the height of success, do not drop the quality of care.


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