Hexagram Thirty Eight

K’uei (Pro: Kway) – Contrariness


Water and fire do not mix well but are both important and can work together as when water is boiled in a kettle. In this situation care must be taken in attempting any scheme.

Be aware of likely differences and find advance in small things. For when there is opposition great matters cannot be undertaken.

When connection can be found there can be brilliant meeting and creativity. Meanwhile let each shine in their own way. In the hidden heart there is beauty.

In this query there may be a situation where people are not opposed as enemies, but are pulling in different directions. This may arise either from external or internal factors. Nevertheless there is a lot of potential in the situation.

Whatever is done may arouse opposition from an involved party. One might deal with this by carefully defining areas of difference and areas where co-operative action can take place. Also, opposites are necessary within the scheme of things, and can work well if an overall authority or situation incorporates them in a greater whole. When such meetings can be found however, then great rewards arise.

Remain true to yourself in all. Do not relinquish the important personal qualities just to be the same as others in order to agree with them.

Key words: Differences of opinion and direction. No great problem. Find small ways of advancing.

The Moving Lines


1.Do not chase friendship or agreement like an escaped horse. It only runs faster. Where there is goodwill, friendship arises again even after disagreement. Stay neutral in dealing with evil people and all will be well.

2.Sometimes difficult not to step on someone’s toes. An accidental meeting informally may ease the misunderstanding. No blame.

3.This is a very real problem. It can’t be avoided. There may even be humiliation or damage involved. Remain true to what you know is right, and those you honour. Bad start, but a good ending.

4.If the query involves relationship, then after isolation an intimate friend is found. If the query is not about relationship, then what you have been separated from for so long is now becoming a reality.

5.Straightforwardness in another remove the obstacles in becoming a companion. Be as open and direct in wanting friendship.

6. A friend once trusted now seems lost and estranged. Anger and mistrust make the friend appear repugnant. But drop your hostility and see that they sincerely want your companionship. Difficult feelings then melt.

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