Hexagram Thirty Seven

Chia Jn (Pro: Jee-ah Rn; the last vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Harmonious Relationships


When the receptive qualities maintain their receptivity and nourish what is received, and when the active and expressive continues to create, there will be harmony.

If we can honour and relate appropriately to the qualities of things and people around us, then we will be rewarded. The generated warmth and influence spreads to all like a peaceful fire. Do not fail to give honour where it is due, and firmness in its need. All things in their place.

Relationships are the central theme here. The symbol refers to family life and the need to recognise the qualities of people within a group, and their real dependencies or complimentary qualities. But this can equally refer to larger groups or to particular relationships.

Fire needs wood to burn, otherwise it cannot demonstrate heat. This refers to correct relationships and the realisation of the role we play in a relationship. If we fulfil such roles, recognise what our needs are of each other and act accordingly, we can find a great reward in this issue.

Key words: Relationships are at the foundation of all our dealing with others. It is worth learning skill in this.

The Moving Lines


1.Those at the head of family or group need to be decisive and clear in their relations with others. This creates order and security.

2.While there is proper attention to running your own home or group, the difficulties existing in the world can be dealt with. Success follows from this.

3.Be neither too hard nor too soft in discipline, otherwise authority and leadership may be undermined. Firm confrontation is better than overindulgence.

4.Warmth of caring, allied to good financial management and attention to the well being of those in ones charge, make one a treasure. This leads to good fortune.

5.When strength and love come together like this, only good can come of it. Leadership with such qualities draws all together.

6. Greater responsibilities bring more influence and regard. Remain self aware to monitor your motives and relationships. Good fortune attends.


-Peg 2018-01-19 3:43:22

What do you think the significance of receiving this hexagram is when the question was “will — and I be lovers?”

    -Tony Crisp 2018-01-21 12:27:08

    Peg – As with all relationships it depends on their real dependencies or complimentary qualities. But it is a good result, but ask you to be aware of how your ‘chemistry ‘works’. It is not a negative result.

    See http://dreamhawk.com/relationship-sex/learning-to-love/#Attraction

      -Peg 2018-01-23 16:57:34

      Thanks Tony. Because of some events happening in the past few days I asked a similar question and received 45 and 17. Most interpretations suggest this is a negative response. Since this is public I won’t go into why I’m suddenly asking this question repeatedly!

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