Hexagram Thirty Four

Ta Chuang (Pro: Dah Jwung; with the vowel as in ‘Hung’) – Manifest Power


When many wide connections exist with great inner ability and power there arises extraordinary brilliance. This quality may awe those less gifted or having fewer connections. Its force shakes the world and brings changes.

Understanding its workings can lead to deep insight into the nature of things. Certainly persistence in this direction will bring great reward.

This is an indication of great influence wielded at the moment. It is a power arising from aligning yourself with real activities in the world and in people. In this sense you have developed connections and insights others have not. If this is used well, great success can follow. If it is used merely to manipulate and to enlarge oneself egotistically, the power will fade.

To a great extent this power is that of being able to get things going, to give something life that existed but was not expressing its potential. This allied with strength in getting things done externally form the brilliant possibility of this query.

Nevertheless, great power can often be expressed at the wrong time or place, or in an opposition that does not resolve. In such cases the power comes to nought. Therefore care must be taken to express the power through channels and in directions which will enable it to succeed.

Key words: Creative power flows into the world, enlivening and changing. Direct its flow with care.

The Moving Lines


1.To have power in your toes only is not enough. You need more than a firm foothold to make headway even with confidence. Do no push forward now lest your resources are soon exhausted.

2.There is sufficient reason to push forward in what you want. The situation is right, so persist. Don’t let your exuberance run away with you though.

3.Overconfidence or pugnaciousness now may cause serious entanglements difficult to extricate oneself from. Refrain from such advance. Move when there are no hindrances.

4.Removing obstacles quietly and persistently opens the way ahead. There is power for the journey. Good fortune.

5.Old habits of being like a goat butting its way through difficulties are not useful now. Drop them. The way is opening ahead.

6. Unreasoning effort to advance leads only to entanglement in more barriers. Neither advance nor retreat is possible. Composure will lead to good fortune.

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