Hexagram Thirty Five

Chin (Pro: Jin) – Ascent


When the sun rises a new day begins, bringing activity, relationships and growth. Things are clearly seen and distant goals visible.

The hexagram suggests the clear expression of allegiance to leadership. Therefore it is useful to clarify ones position and relationship in terms of authority and co-operation. Co-operation given to a good leader will be greatly rewarded.

The very progress and growth that arises now is out of a deeply creative relationship. On one side we have a person, group, or an inner quality that is receptive and capable of giving form to ideas. This is the female quality. On the other side there is the dynamic, fiery projector of ideas and plans, who or which, is not so good at giving them form.

Inspiration may arise out of this relationship, either in the form of upliftment if it be concerned with a sexual partner, or a new approach if it is a play between aspects of temperament in a person or a group.

If the query involves a male female relationship there is a great affinity involved. The two partners have much to offer each other and there is real compatibility.

The sun is rising on this query. Accept this and let its warmth permeate your life. Allow the radiance to shine onto those around you also. The query is blessed with easy progress and expansion.

Key words: Expansion, compatibility, co-operation with authority. Great progress is possible.

The Moving Lines


1.Be generous and confident despite the mistrust of some who are involved. No harm can come from this until clarity is reached, or new information received. Persist calmly despite setbacks.

2.Although delays accompany this direction, continuing on leads past the difficulties to good fortune. You eventually make contact with an important figure who is warmly supportive.

3.Co-operation is now at work. Difficulties melt away. Move forward with confidence. All involved are supporting this. Within yourself you find unity.

4.In this time of progress, holding onto possessions like a hamster filling its mouth pouch, is not fortunate. Do not persist in this direction, serious problems could arise.

5.Don’t float into the imaginary world with fears of success or failure. All is well if feet are kept firmly on the ground and moving forward.

6. To deal with opposition like a bull with lowered horns is often necessary. Once done, do not go on in malice to plot the downfall of enemies. Only do what is necessary – no more!


-Christine Eatwell 2018-02-07 22:56:18

Tonight I have received this Hexagram , changing to Hexagram 56, 2 months ago, a differently phrased enquiry, relating to the same issue – huge life/job/location change, resulted in Hexagram 56, changing to 35. I feel this is very significant, but am struggling to understand or grasp the essence of the guidance I am being offered.

-Sara Victoria 2018-01-09 0:12:03

Your I Ching interpretation(s) are, ultimately, the best I have seen. DEEP BOW.

-A 2015-10-18 20:29:16

thanks for the interpretation, I just got this while I was querying about my future love life 😛

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