Hexagram Thirty Two

Hng (Pro: Hng; vowel so short as to be almost non-existent)- Lasting Union


That which endures acknowledges and uses the power of change. Endurance arises when one thing compensates another in a moving balance. One may be active and the other passive – one growing and the other nurturing. The yielding and the firm are here working harmoniously together. Staying on this course leads to success.

What exists at present can survive the changing events of the seasons. The subject of the enquiry has the power to survive changes and endure if there is the ability to change within an unswerving goal.

Wisdom suggests having such a goal or direction to guide through endings and beginnings. In fact it is advantageous to undertake any new plans or projects at this time.

Seek awareness of that which endures

throughout the variety of seasons. Link with this for extended existence. Stay on course and there can be no regrets. The winds of change will exert pressure, but you can stand firm. This relates to the ability to sustain a relationship too.

At the heart of this enquiry lies a lot of power and creativity. Perhaps this expresses as the ability to stimulate or revivify. This power exists within a situation of receptivity and support. This is what gives it the possibility of enduring.

Key words: Surviving changes in life means being in harmony with fundamental realities of relationship

The Moving Lines


1.First love is not usually the one that lasts. What is enduring takes time to build and grow. Patience has been lacking in this enquiry.

2.Grand ideas and plans are of little account without the external power to make them real. This may lead to an excess through the desire to express. Restraint avoids excess and remorse.

3.Through being tossed by the waves of hopes and fears you may meet with unforeseen disgrace. Inconsistency leaves others unsettled.

4.Going about things the wrong way, whether in work or love, leads one to dissatisfaction and restlessness. This is like shopping for fruit at the clothes market.

5.Sticking rigidly to an ideal creates tension in oneself and others. True endurance arises from love and enthusiasm rather than inflexible rules.

6. The amount of energy expended does not automatically link with the amount of reward. Frantic activity does not mean success. The action must be effective. Stand still and review.

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