Hexagram Thirty One

Hsien (Pro: Shee-en) – Magnetic Merging


Opposites, or those in need of each other attract. It is a time when taking a partner or marriage is favourable.

The mystery of attraction and interaction reaches through space and brings people or events together. Those who need each other are linked and their pleasure is mutual and rewarding. Life is a play between attraction and repulsion, male and female.

Awareness of these forces in the world leads to wisdom. Within the mind also, in any learning situation one person must be receptive and the other giving. To keep the mind like a lake whose surface can be moved by the wind is a great boon. Using this knowledge, we can easily move from being a leader to a follower, for we know how to be a student or a teacher.

It is necessary in regard to this enquiry to maintain ones own identity and yet relate to others in a way that honours their own quality. In this way opposites can meet and create out of their complementary characteristics.

The aim, whether in relationship with one person or many, is to find the vital connection or attraction, the real influence behind the mutual link. It is to seek the reality of what can occur between them, what they offer each other.

Once found use it to enhance the interaction and connectivity. Out of this can come a firm binding, a good working relationship, or a satisfying marriage.

Key words: Attraction and merging are everywhere active in life. The power here is independence with empathy.

The Moving Lines


1.The urge to be foot loose and fancy free might not be appropriate at the moment. Anyway, the urge is of no account while still only a twitch in the toe.

2.Wanting to be on the move doesn’t accord with the needs of the situation. Best to find out what others want first. To simply move without judging the situation will lead to misfortune.

3.Following every impulsive whim we feel leads to loss of necessary judgement in any circumstance. Restlessness is not advantageous at the moment.

4.Rewards will arise from persistence. Where the heart longs to go, so the body and events follow. Therefore guard the heart. This brings others into your influence. Do not push them.

5.There is firmness and resolution. Do not let it become ‘stiff necked’ immobility. Then your influence will encompass many.

6. To be able to talk powerfully and loudly doesn’t mean you can achieve the things spoken of. Better to restrain the speech a little and learn to act with more effectiveness.

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