Hexagram Thirty

Li (Pro: Lee) – Dependent Light


The candle flame depends upon the wax for its light. Its flame kindles as many candles as touch it. Each igniting others.

The light of your own mind was lit by those who taught you. Honour this and realise your part in the scheme of things. Being receptive allows this inner light to burn brightly. This leads to greater connection with all, and brings success. Shed your light into the darkness of other lives.

In all ways ones existence is dependent upon all that exists. The flame of consciousness ignites through the intricate working of the body. It is a truth of life that we depend upon air, water and food. We also need others to make our clothes, grow our food, and teach us. Recognise your place in this world of interdependence and give as well as receive.

With joy accept this connection with all things and be a part of it. While aiming to be self reliant, accept your place in the community of beings which is society and nature. All are co-creators of the universe. Being independently a part of the creative whole leads to success.

Key words: Take time to clearly see your connections with family, society and the world. Acknowledge and work with these.

The Moving Lines.


1.Confusion – through the conflicting impressions of everyday life – may make it difficult to choose your actions. But a ship moves to its goal through innumerable alterations in course. Be like the ship by keeping your goal in mind.

2.Extremes of any kind have no place here, for you walk the middle path. This highest culture is beautiful. The sun shines, all is well. Supreme good fortune.

3.When the sun is setting we must prepare for darkness. An end is in sight. Prepare for it now, but enjoy the beauty of the sunset. To cry mournfully about endings or death, or to frantically grasp pleasures, is to miss living from the changeless.

4.Some good things come and pass from our hands before we even experience their delights. Do not burn your life away like a straw fire, without substance to create lasting warmth.

5.Tears of lament may bring good fortune. Such tears about life’s passing away may bring a change of heart and strength to meet what comes.

6. You may have to be forceful to correct the situation. Avoid unnecessary retaliation however. Discriminate between what must be removed and what disciplined

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