Hexagram Twenty Eight

Ta Kuo (Pro: Dah Gwor; with the final ‘r’ not pronounced) – Excess


When the seed pod is full the pod must burst open. Too much experience leads

one to seek quietness.

At full term the baby must be born otherwise it will stifle, the overflowing lake drained. Fullness must lead to change. With awareness note the fullness and be ready to shift your ground as the change comes. Seek to understand the situation so that negative aspects can be avoided.

Too many things are happening at once, producing stress to a degree not usually dealt with. Dealing with one thing at a time will not work in this instance. The inevitable result is that something must suddenly change, like a roof beam breaking under great weight.

Be watchful for the moment of change and move accordingly. Meanwhile do not move too soon. It is a simply rule of life that things move to an extreme and then swing back, like a pendulum. This is such a situation.

Nevertheless the situation has enormous potential. Just as the baby must move out of the womb because its potential for growth is much beyond the environment it was conceived in, so the situation calls for emergence. Without this there is danger of the potential collapsing. The action must be quick and from understanding. Like a flood, its power must be directed to avoid danger. Do not be swept away by too much emotional involvement in the situation.

Key words: Recognise the potential power and the evident weakness of the situation, and do what need to be done.

The Moving Lines.


1.If this is going to be done, then it must as well be done with as much skill and carefulness as possible. Be alert.

2.From what seemed old and without much future growth, new possibilities emerge, like green shoots out of an dead tree trunk. Whether it is love, business or ones spirit that is renewing itself, take heart and support the growth.

3.What depend on for a roof over your head, whether work, relationship, or welfare, is dangerously near failure. This because one has pressed ahead without awareness of dangers. Disaster is near unless you can transform the situation.

4.A looming misfortune is avoided by timely co-operation with ones who serve. If one avoids turning this to personal advantage, good fortune.

5.A marriage between the old and young in a business or a relationship, does not have the destined longevity of a union between the young.

6. You may be plunging in over your head here. If you are sure you can swim well and good, but take care. Misfortune through self sacrifice is noble if you want it.

Hexagram Twenty Nine

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