Hexagram Twenty Seven

I (Pro: Yee) – Hunger Satisfied


Each relate to their needs in different ways. Some push violently from their hunger and some seek with care. Be aware of what is hungered for, and in what way hungers are satisfied. What needs drive one into what relationships? This knowledge brings wisdom.

By observing how needs are satisfied, and who satisfies them, one becomes skilled in the ways of the world. Through this discover those who help to sustain you, and those who would feed off you without giving in return.

This hexagram shows there is a hunger of the mind or the body which needs satisfaction. Care must be taken to satisfy this need, otherwise other parts of ones nature will be harmed.

It is also about providing nourishment to others. Even if what we give to nourish others is emotional or in the form of ideas, nevertheless it should be prepared and presented as a good cook presents a meal.

Therefore take notice of how you nourish yourself and upon what you partake. Health of the body mind and spirit depend upon this nourishment. Notice how your body or mind reacts to what is taken, and the long term results.

Where one lives, in what relationship, the work one does are also forms of nourishment. If they do not bring pleasure and health, consider why.

Key words: Not only the body hungers and thirsts. Great tension arises from hidden hungers of the emotions and spirit.

The Moving Lines.


1.Why hunger for what others posses when your own plate is full and rich? This way lies unhappiness and misfortune.

2.Unadmitted anxiety or a hidden sense of dependence prevent one working and attaining independence. Self doubts and hidden angers then haunt one.

3.Avoidance of normal appetites leads only to aberrations. Looking for nourishment in dead things brings years of lost and empty life.

4.With tigerish zeal others are sought to share the nourishment. Finding real all-round sustenance and connection with life produces fearlessness and strength. Great light!

5.To sustain others we must first deal with our won needs. There is disturbance by unusual needs and events. Best not to attempt difficult projects. Good fortune can come by accepting help from a simple sage.

6. To have found wholeness is the greatest blessing. It shows wisdom beyond the normal. Such wisdom is a great responsibility, for many need it. Knowing this enables great undertakings to be dealt with successfully. Happiness!

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