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The Next Step in Evolution

Enlightenment is a process of personal growth that is possible for many today. Just as humans started their journey as an animal with no speech and no rational mind, and moved on into what we know today as self awareness; so we are ready to take another step in our evolution. This is called Enlightenment or Cosmic Consciousness, and is a growth in awareness as far ahead of self consciousness as self consciousness is of primal animal consciousness.

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Chapter Headings


  1. What part do thoughts and feelings play in enlightenment?
  2. Is enlightenment a state of mind I can develop?
  3. What is the Experience of Enlightenment like?
  4. Why is Enlightment Sometimes Called Liberation?
  5. Are Heaven and Enlightenment the Same?
  6. How Can I Know Enlightenement?
  7. Is Enlightenement the Same as Awareness of God?
  8. Toward the Light that is My Self
  9. Teaching of Yogu Trime Lodro
  10. Some Teachings of Zen Masster Dogen
  11. Suzanne Segal on the One Life
  12. A Dream Points the Way
  13. What is itLike to be Enlightened?
  14. Enlightenment – Being or Becoming?
  15. Jesses Journey Through The Mind
  16. Letter to a Son
  17. A New Look at Enlightenment
  18. A Personal View
  19. For a wonderful handbook by the founder of Enlightenment Intensive Charles Berner – please click HERE.
  20. Modern Approach


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